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... amnion. stock, yellow Jessamiue, chrysanthemum, citisus, arbutus, hitirustinus, winter-rose, polyanthus, mezerton • the blackberry in (hilt ; and the thrush, not merely warbling, but singing, lilt loud nut-spoken song—as on this Christmas-day 1,147.—Tas ...

Published: Saturday 02 January 1858
Newspaper: Field
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 6061 | Page: 13, 14 | Tags: none


... the 4th of November the weather had been el- tremely pleasant, and on that day they were sitting at open windows eating blackberries. The Russian. government, it is said, still look with favour upon this famous city, and are energetically at work to restore ...

Published: Sunday 03 January 1858
Newspaper: Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 981 | Page: 1 | Tags: News 


... lawyers, clergy, and doctors may be found as good ard as bad as our own at home, and clerks and mechanics as plentiful as blackberries.-Yours, &c., ANTI-SLAVERY AT HOME AND ABROAD. Jan., 1858. In 18114, the ld. per lb., or Os. Id. per cwt., duty on slave ...

Published: Monday 11 January 1858
Newspaper: Morning Chronicle
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 2065 | Page: 6 | Tags: Commerce 

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... Hyacinth. Id. The Christmas Party. d. The Self-.elpers. 3d. The Ohfldren and the Sage. 3d. ,1 Generosity and Gratitude. The Blackberry Gathering. 1d. The Story of ae Baby. Id. At Doll's Story. Id. LsuIs Duval. 3d. . Carl Thorn's Revence. 2d. The Young Artist ...

EMIGRATION to CANADA and the UNITED SPATES by steamer ANOLO-SAXON, on the 10th February, tod others every ..

... Hyacinth. 3d. The Christmas Party. Id. The Self-helpers. 3d. The Children aad the Sage. 3d. Generosity and Gratitude. The Blackberry Gathering. Id. i The Story of a Daisy. Id. A Doll's Story. Id. i Louis Duval. 3d. Carl Thorn's Revenge. 2d. The Young Artist ...

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... against them and falling—Ptarmigan wrencned and killed. and Blackberrv • The former ran in nice form, and made first turn ; Blackberry collared and beat her for the next, Tutelina racing her hare drain. Pan mure scored first two points from Dreghom Boy, who ...

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... stretch, bu two points, hare under the and Blackness: time) ran fkst, she finished turned round falling—Ptarmi terry; The to Blackberry 001 l her hare to a Drefhorn Boy, Panmure makl to his credit, course of (be di followiog t Bnaign got downed Ker t kill ...