Henrj White, BS, Wallgate

... Wine, recommended by the College of i'hjvi- | ciaos at Edinhorgh. Baiain, Raspberry, Cowslip, Elderberry, Black Cnnant, Blackberry, and all other FBUIT WINES, at 7s. per Gallon; da. per | Quart; or par Gill. aim BMla »f «U lizrt k'fl. ' DEPOSIT AND DISCOUNT ...

(Prone a►. Norr►rrn Wtnirr.)

... ropherriee, ptheree on Chnittnee De Y, by Mr B. Brown, of thin town. thewp of Powerdown-hill also a due large bouquet of blackberry bleavona. intermixed with of the fruit in every stage of unripenins, to the fellheadrel. well-developed. Inghealeured hem ...

Published: Saturday 16 January 1858
Newspaper: Arbroath Guide
County: Angus, Scotland
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DISSOLUTION of PARTNERSHIP. OTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership ?A rt xistin * us. SAMPSON OLASSUP » . ana

... likewise honour him for either his candour charity, for whilst he bestows his imputations! and insinuations plentiful as blackberries, he very dexterously evades the question I raised, viz., the relation between Landlords and Tenants, but particularly the ...

Published: Friday 22 January 1858
Newspaper: Stamford Mercury
County: Lincolnshire, England
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BEST BRITISH WIVES EVER offered to the public, and direct from the Manufactories in LONDON AND SCOTLAND, 00/8 ..

... Wine, 1 recommended the Colleg. o( Phyai- cians at Kdinhnrgb. g, Baiain, Raspberry, Covalip, Elderberry, . Black Currant, Blackberry, and all other FBDIT WINKS, at 7s. per Oalldn; Se. per Quart; orUd. per Gill. and Siam Hollies of mil ehrt kepi. ' DEPOSIT ...


... men were indebted to Mr. James for his forbear- ance. St. Just in P.xwith. — Mildness ofthe Season.—Hand- fulls of ripe blackberries are t> be gathered at the Withy Gardens, St. Just ; polyanthuses and violets are also to be seen in some of the gardens ...

Published: Friday 22 January 1858
Newspaper: Royal Cornwall Gazette
County: Cornwall, England
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... Blackness Mr Arthur's w bk• Ptarmigan beat Mr Ewing's bk b Leoline Mr C, , mpbell's r w b Tutelina beat Mr Dykes's bk b Blackberry MI Gibson's w r d Palrnurs beat Mr Russell's r w d Dreghorn Boy Provost Campbell's I,k w d Rab Roy beat Mr Speir's w f d ...

Published: Saturday 23 January 1858
Newspaper: Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald
County: Ayrshire, Scotland
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\\ ATERFORD MAIL, Jannary 23, 185»

... India, but it brings no news from the scene conflict in Dude. Crowned heads and Royal personages are now plentiful here os blackberries in the season. The Kiii|. ..f the Belgians, the Princes* of Prussia, the Duke » Buihanf, the Count of Flanders, a hatch ...

Published: Saturday 23 January 1858
Newspaper: Waterford Mail
County: Waterford, Republic of Ireland
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... Hyacinth. Id. The Christmas Party. d. The Self-.elpers. 3d. The Ohfldren and the Sage. 3d. ,1 Generosity and Gratitude. The Blackberry Gathering. 1d. The Story of ae Baby. Id. At Doll's Story. Id. LsuIs Duval. 3d. . Carl Thorn's Revence. 2d. The Young Artist ...

EMIGRATION to CANADA and the UNITED SPATES by steamer ANOLO-SAXON, on the 10th February, tod others every ..

... Hyacinth. 3d. The Christmas Party. Id. The Self-helpers. 3d. The Children aad the Sage. 3d. Generosity and Gratitude. The Blackberry Gathering. Id. i The Story of a Daisy. Id. A Doll's Story. Id. i Louis Duval. 3d. Carl Thorn's Revenge. 2d. The Young Artist ...


... Stomach Wine, rrcommcnJcd by the College of l*hj*icians Edinburgh. Raisin, Raspberry, Cowslip, Elderberry, Black Currant, Blackberry, and all other FRUIT WINKS, 7s. per Gallon; 3s. per Quart; or Gd. per Gill. Glass and Stone Bottles of all sizes kepi. ...

Th» Baoce* Cuampiojt Ccr. I

... against them and falling—Ptarmigan wrencned and killed. and Blackberrv • The former ran in nice form, and made first turn ; Blackberry collared and beat her for the next, Tutelina racing her hare drain. Pan mure scored first two points from Dreghom Boy, who ...

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... stretch, bu two points, hare under the and Blackness: time) ran fkst, she finished turned round falling—Ptarmi terry; The to Blackberry 001 l her hare to a Drefhorn Boy, Panmure makl to his credit, course of (be di followiog t Bnaign got downed Ker t kill ...