MINISTERIAL changes have resulted in France, probably following upon the expression of the Imperial

... in any congregation, the interftrenc oi the Civil Court is necessarily required, as the only recog- niscd constitutional arbiter. As much, of their eecle- siastical corporate contract was laid before the Civil Court as was essential to the extrication( ...

Published: Friday 06 January 1860
Newspaper: Glasgow Herald
County: Lanarkshire, Scotland
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BUSINESS INTIMATIONS. LINSEED CAKES. THE Subdcribore have jiiat landed Quantity of Rie» and HEED CAKES, ..

... appearance, properties, and chemical composition of Bitter Ale of the best qualitt GEORGE WILSON. R*tjius Professor of Technology, Unit. Ed. SEASONABLE PRESENTS. THE most appropriate offerings are those which tend to the promotion of Personal Beauty in the fair ...


... tho Church, delivered Tuesday last a meeting of the United Prenbytery of Kelso. It contain* a clear exposition of relative positions our Presbyterian Churches in regard to tbeir independence the Civil Power. besides brings out facts which, we lielieve ...

Published: Friday 06 January 1860
Newspaper: Kelso Chronicle
County: Roxburghshire, Scotland
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... ec objecta are as much debts of the city as any you • mime. Bat there is a deficit on the churches Met ) ear of 42500; the civil expense, will cost you £2lOO s.yese; the educational. military, and criminal, nearly 3700; making slioletber £5500 per annum ...

Published: Friday 06 January 1860
Newspaper: North British Daily Mail
County: Lanarkshire, Scotland
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... political turmoil and squabbles —is all that is required place Canada in favourable a position as her more fortunate rivals of the United States. The “Herald” believes that the Cabinet have not yet decided on the extent of tho measures the Reform Bill. Tornado ...


... children, bet those w ho it-Try it. Hundreds a bona f I' .firm Fnr testimonials apply to K. V Parker , Chemist the tfiieen, unite! Free SI Paul's, ami King Street. Agent for Dundee l.l|d and 3.1 per bottle la saving , M in the larger Proprietor-.! A. Turner ...

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... built on its site. Mr. Craig was bornblor this house is 1765. He le'vras a nephew of the celebrated John Milir, Prof essor of Civil Law in the University of..Glasgow, and sithough dei- tined for a mercantile life, he reeived1 a liberal education at ?? thiat ...


... nut the dtacomfana of Voluntary principle, United Secession and Kolieff Chnrcliesheld aaclearly, ami aaprominanlly, iha irrcat principle tl»a Church’* independence of the civil power, a* limy now their united aUta. far high did they carry principle, that ...

Published: Friday 06 January 1860
Newspaper: Kelso Chronicle
County: Roxburghshire, Scotland
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... invasion, but that he considers it the duty of every people to be prepared for any and every warlike contingency. Mr Rennie, the civil engineer, lies in a very precarious state in London, from injuries which he sustained; in consequence of a coal waggon having ...

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... Denninintesons are invited to attend. i - P}CI AL UNITED PRAYER MEETINGS. sur In response to the Invitation of muissionary Brethrei in India tb . obserethe &d:leeW .in Janrar, 15,as-edesison of ecI : - TWO UNITED PRS .ER MEETINOS . ~ill be held (I X, 1ir uthi ...

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... Tees- , ?? one of zth8 a rideamgid't nh 'ttg at 'i a i tove. Happily her, dress only was injiurecdl. d ' There ,s're inthe'United, States forty-eight tsi ilotbas 'Ceholic archbihops and bishops, two lii ~ ~ and '223 eectlar alidrieligiauu ;edIt *takes ...

Published: Saturday 07 January 1860
Newspaper: Caledonian Mercury
County: Midlothian, Scotland
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