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Cirencester Times and Cotswold Advertiser

EPITOME OF NEW,z, de. Monday weld not have beFa secured without greit exertions and cordial trl•operation on ..

... Govern: meat of which he had been the supporter had departed from the rule of Whig Governments la past times, and, instead of taking entirely the advice of certain portions of the Whig powers, had taken advice from that section of the Howie among whom I generally ...


... middle age, that be became M.P. for his native town. Mr. Baines, senior, was Whig, for the abolished the Test and o Pidasi°a Acts, the Whigs made Leeds a borough, the Whigs made Mr. Raines an M.P., and the present M.P. for Leads swill retains that venerate ...

The Speech, and John Symonds, Jun

... from a return which he had wrung from the Government : they were Peter Erle, Q.C., a Whig, salary 21,500; James Hill, Q.C., Whig, salary, .21,200 ; Rev. R. Jones, Whig, salary .21,200. He had nothing to say against these gentlemen as to their admitted ...


... that the Princes of Wales are sure to be Whigs, and to turn Tories when they summed to the orown, and the example of George IV. is always adduced as • ease in point. But in the days of Walpole sad Pelham, though Whigs and Tories held, on the whole, the same ...

TOWN TALL RI OCR LONDON Our reran orodentead Sot sro do sof hold orrooka respoasak for our able correoppedei ..

... student at Lincoln's-inn. Hie means were narrow, but a countryman, Serjeant Speak, had the direction of the then organ of the Whigs—the Morning Chronicle—and by this influence he was enabled to earn a sufficient income to maintain him as a gallery reporter ...

stration. Mr. Porter must look back with satisfaction I on the part be has taken in this matter. • If

... resort. TOPICS OF THE WEEK. Loan LLANOVER'S DESPOTISM. There lives a great magnate in Wales, Whom people Lord Llanover call— A Whig nobleman he Of illustrious degree, Who once bore the surname of Hall, Ben Hall, Whose conceit of himself is not small. His ...


... immediately concerned in giving a viutory within the next fortnight either to the Whigs over the Tories or to the Tunes over the Whigs. It cannot be expected that most Catholics of Whig, or Liberal, or Radical, or Democratic 'minions, should feel anxious to defeat ...


... Stanley—from the Opposition. Suppose that all the old Whigs—and I do not speak of them without respect, because, in past times, the country has had great service from many of them—but suppose the old Whigs were quietly deposited , with all symbols of natie ...

London Produce Market

... assembly of scholars and gentlemen. But we are forgetting. Mr Bouverie told us that he was a Whig country gentleman ; and a noble lord, who is the chief of the Whig country gentlemen, is accredited by Sydney Smith with a readiness to undertake the most difficult ...


... country, involved in Lord f-hn Russell's translation, is the resignation of his reversionary claim to the leadership of the Whig party reigoation that must, of course, be construed as made .L favour of Mr. Gladstone. Lord Palmerston cannot in nature of ...

The New Opposition Whipper-in

... William Brand, lI.P. for Lewes, is an announoement of no little importance in a party sense at this junotnre of politics. Whig whippers-in must, of course, get tired of their work like other persons, and covet a comfortable retirement at a convenient ...


... done to all the users and consumers of cotton by the two Governments of America—London Review. CONSRRVATIVR REACIION.—The Whigs will not interpret the Conservative reaction truly unless they learn that the Conservatives always gain, and we will add, always ...