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1860 - 1869
22 1869


Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Daily Telegrams



Exeter, Devon, England



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Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Daily Telegrams

THE CHARGE OF THE BRIGHT BRIGADE. Exon's son. Joiucd iv league, Had aud Whig Madly ru onward; Plate Pelf, their

... THE CHARGE OF THE BRIGHT BRIGADE. Exon's son. Joiucd iv league, Had aud Whig Madly ru onward; Plate Pelf, their Shiboleth, Kode the huudted. Forward bright Brigade Charge for Pope, lie said : liuut Church State death tluee buudied. Foiward the ...


... of his arguments, among his worthiest efforts. That this found its way through the joints of the bar t proved a consultation Whig l awver3 ;Je»° whether was libellous. But if any serious cuting its author was ever entertained, $ and malicious and scurrilous ...

Exeter Gazette Daily Telegrame SATURDAY, July 3, To meet the demand for telegraphic reports of the proceedings ..

... Nevertheless, we are not il -pleased this new diversion. In it we discern some token of a better day coming. It is split of the Whigs from off the side of the Gladstone party. It is, on the part of some great lights among the Liberals in the Upper House, open ...

Exeter Gazette Daily Telegram WEDNESDAY, Nov. 17, It is so many years since a Bishop was appointed to the Diocese

... they d foresee, having greater faith in some fine e ° . politics than in the lessons of experience ; and * the men of the Whig class, who play with the a& * the Radicals for their own purposes, never inte 11 plunge into revolutionary schemes, but o ...


... the misery and misfortune of England—as having grown with her growth and strengthened with her strength ; but was opposed Whig clique, who well knew that such Commission, if appointed, would bring light some of their dark deeds, and his motion was defeated ...


... Society, is to be the candidate selected by the Labour Representation League. He is to be put forward without reference to Whig or Conservative interests, and if any cry be raised about dividing the Liberal interest and letting in the Tory, such cry will ...


... deserting the clergy by consenting to the abolishment of church-rates, but it was generally the case with all statesmen, whether Whig or Tory, when Church matters stood in the way of politics, the Church had to suffer. The giving up church-rates only whetted ...


... supporters. And this is called a Liberal Government. There is certainly a great deal in aname—a great deal in claptrap. That Whigs and Radicals should be allowed to appropriate to themselves one name, that of Liberals, knowing, as we do, the deep fundamental ...

Exeter Gazette Daily Telegram. TUESDAY, Nov. Loud Cairns has retired from the leadership of the Conservative ..

... relation of public opinion to political parfaes is not what it was when tile hate Earl Derby became the acknowledged Tory leader Whigs and Radicals have met ground, and have started a policy which their supporters ot a quarter of a century since would be astonished ...

THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER. To the Editor of the Exeter and Plymouth. Gazette. Sir, —The Fifth November is again ..

... we expect, and the career Free Trade is not exactly what its promoters anticipated. regards religious disabilities, the Whigs wanted allies, aud made a compact accordingly ; but with all their unity on the .battle field, when arrayed against the National ...


... call for the infliction of penalty. The company's byelaws were passed to protect tbe public, not to aid any particular party, Whig, Radical, or Tory, in spleen upon opponent. That was the whole secret of the present case. He submitted his client had not ...

Exeter Gazette Daily Telegram. WEDNESDAY, March 24 As an encouragement to tue Exeter Liberals to persevere in ..

... Buck, who refused to vote for all the provisions the Bill. Mr. Buller was then a suppotter the Ministers, and consequently Whig. At the election 1832, alter the passing of the Reform Bill, Mr. Buller was again voted for by Liberals, and w«s proposed ...