... MAIDSTONE & KENTISH JOURNAL, OCT. 9. 1»71 TITNBRIDGK wells agricultural a a The annual meting theTnubridgo AgrieUond übiety waa bel.l «ry aucCMafully Fn.lay. Tlio we. ] •h, wan aomewhat clouJy and threatening, tml fortunately .hi .howera which foil in ...


... MAIDSTONE KENTISH JOURNAL, MAY 29, 1871. audience in excellent humour, and this highly suocesaful entertainment was concluded with “Jones’s Musical Party,” sung by Mr. Goo. consequence of the concert being prolonged until so late an hour, many among the ...


... White Lion, Tenterden ; the George, Kye,; the Maidstone ; of Messrs. Wilson. Farrar, and Phil port, Solicitors ; Cranbrook ; and at the offices of the Auctioneer* and Surveyors, Cranbrook. Kent. 148 NEWCHURCH, KENT. ROMNEY MARSH. Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE,known ...

Rbotbkci, Occupation. Uamnond H. J.. farmer,aadparritt,Chapel Eltham, Kent, B.a. Hammond H. J. and Horace, ..

... Alfred, Tovil, near Maidstone, paper Nunn Charles, 39, Carter lane, n.c., esquire maker Nunneley Joseph, Market Harborough, gent. Peter James, Tovil, Maidstone, gentleman Nuttall Thomas, wine merchant; and Thomas Peters John, 792, Old Kent road, commercial ...

Published: Saturday 19 February 1870
Newspaper: Bedfordshire Mercury
County: Bedfordshire, England
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... MAIDSTONE. Pcrnrcs Art I lasses-—The annual examinations f students oi the above classes, have been held daring the past winter Maidstone, eonolnded on Thursday- The number of candidates who presented themselves for examination waa follows: —Freehand ...


... MAIDSTONE. The supply of stock at the Menhir. held on Monday, was not so large as as preview; years, but there was a large attendance of buyers, and prices, as a cousewience, ruled high, Dowu and Kent store sheep realising -to 65'; zearlings. E 9 to £10: ...

Published: Saturday 18 May 1878
Newspaper: East Kent Gazette
County: Kent, England
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Maidstone Intelligence

... Septimus Day, of the D (Maidstone) troop. The regimental cup was awarded to Private Ninnes, the (Tunbridge Wells) troop, .and the prize for the best turned out man (accoutrements and horse), by j Fremlin, of the D (Maidstone) troop. In the | evening ...

Published: Saturday 28 May 1870
Newspaper: Maidstone Telegraph
County: Kent, England
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... MAIDSTONE. West Kent General Hospital. —The committee gratefully acknowledge the receipt of a collection at harvest thanksgiving at Horsmonden church, amounting to £ll 2a. Id., by the Rev. Hnarh F. Smith-Mar riott; also of a parcel of Illustra ed N® vs ...

Published: Saturday 28 October 1871
Newspaper: Kentish Mercury
County: London, England
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NAME. RESIDENCE. OCCUPATION. Harlstone, Charles Thomas, 7 Northbrook rd, Manor Park, Lee, Kent, esqaire ..

... esquire Kingsford, Harriett®, Ivy House, Buekiand, Dover, widow Kingston, Elizabeth Mary, Golden place, Baliinlemple, co. Cork, spinster Kingston, Susan, Golden place, Balliniemple, co. Cork, spins Kingston, Thomas, Biva House, Sleaford it, Cambridge ...

Published: Saturday 23 February 1878
Newspaper: Berkshire Chronicle
County: Berkshire, England
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Maidstone County Court

... TUESDAY, July 11th. Maidstone Gas Conpuvj v. Hounsloto.—ln this case t he Maidstone Gas Company sued Mr Hounslow for a sum £3 lis Bd, for gas supplied. Mr Hills said the defendant had consumed a quantity gas supplied him by the Maidstone Gas Company, during ...

Published: Saturday 15 July 1871
Newspaper: Maidstone Telegraph
County: Kent, England
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... asked her sifter to buy a pair of boots for her, but her sister being afraid of getting too late for the train gave the money to prisoner’s son, with the old shoe which she had for guide, and he went in aud bought the boots. The lad was called in corroboration ...


... committed for trial, but admitted to bail. Stealing Boots. —Frances Skinner, about 22 years, was charged at the same sitting with stealing a pair of boots, the property of Mr. Robert McVicar. The boots were hanging outside the shop of the prosecutor, High ...

Published: Tuesday 26 April 1870
Newspaper: Kentish Gazette
County: Kent, England
Type: Article | Words: 1981 | Page: 6 | Tags: none