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... INTELLIGENCE. HUNTING APPOINTMENTS. THE WEST KENT HOUNDS Will meet a quarter eleven at Farninaham Tuesday, .lan, 21. Mapleacomh C.rcenslreet Groea . Thursday, .lan. .e. . Saturday, Jan. 2^ THE EAST KENT HOUNDS Will meet at half-pant ten Thorn. St ...

Correspondence. We do not hold ourselves responsible for opinions expressed under this head. ♦ THE MAIDSTONE ..

... opinions expressed under this head. ♦ THE MAIDSTONE WATCH COMMITTEE. T» the Edittr gf the Maidstone Telegraph. Sir, —Will you kindly allow me space in your I I valuable paper say a few words respecting the Maidstone Watch Committee, aud the way they , conduct ...

Published: Saturday 21 January 1871
Newspaper: Maidstone Telegraph
County: Kent, England
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... WEST KENT GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS. I This sessions opened at the Court House, Maidstone, on Thursday morning, the Hon. J. Q. Talbot (chairman), presiding. The magistrates on the bench were J. S. Hardy, Esq., M.P., Julian Goldsmid, Esq., M.P., A. C. ltamsden ...

Published: Saturday 07 January 1871
Newspaper: Maidstone Telegraph
County: Kent, England
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... office of the Journal, 2 Middle row, Maidstone. rpHE best GIN for MIXING GRANTS 1. Maidstone Hollands Gin. This fine Spirit is noted for its strength and purity. In Bottles, sealed, labelled, and corks branded Maidstone Distillery,” price 35., nearly all ...


... year Maidstone, 4*. ; Sevenoaks. 6s. Od. ; Strood, Us. Paddock Wood, J*. 3d. is also pleasing to add that Mr. Raggett has ala*) forwarded 14s. Id. to the Blind Institution, Kuston-road. London, ai the result the contribution box ut the .Maidstone station ...

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... four roomc, and bath room, two w c.’», kucbiß, and goo.l mi * ofßcea. Kent £4O. For terms and cards to view apply Mr. Henry Argle©, T,ai;d and Valuer, 19, Stone-street, Maidstone. LET. comfortable RESIDENCE, in 1 the pari-h of East Karloisrh. containing ...


... for tea pence, The prisoners wen- traced Maidstone, where they were found in tho Windsor C.-ustle public-house, asleep in bed. They were awoke P.C. .Santier, from Durtfoid, company with inspector Hills, of Maidstone, who apprehended them. They said they ...

11/PORTA XT HIMI'S FAMILIES Mothers Feeding th'ir Infants should use NYE'S NUTRITIOUS POOD, WIIICII i

... sorts of Boots Repaired, either witk Lea ther or Gutta Perclia. Gents' Summer Boots from 5s fid Ladies' ditto, from 3s 3d. —Dtck'l Outta Bottomed Boott S.ou! Ltalhtr W, they can worn in alluta'hiri, an* •wry pair SOLD AT 50, WEEK STREET, MAIDSTONE Your Old ...

Published: Saturday 14 January 1871
Newspaper: Maidstone Telegraph
County: Kent, England
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fashions fou tub new year

... Alexander Randall, of Maidstone, who joined tho society ile formation, is also to bo noticed with regrot. “The report of the Royal Commission above mentioned on the slate of the lodgings and management of the hoppickers of Kent, has been extensively ...

BIRTHS. On the 16tli inst, at the residence hi« father, Randall-street, M.uditone, the wife of J«hn Shadgett, ..

... in.-t, at Melville-road, Maidstone, Harry Wilfred, infant son of and Elizabeth Allen, aged 1 year and months. On the 13 h inst, at 67, Melvillc-r-ad, Maidstone, Elizabeth, widow of the late Thomas Patterson, plumber, of Maidstone, aged 73. On the loth ini-t ...

Published: Saturday 21 January 1871
Newspaper: Maidstone Telegraph
County: Kent, England
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... COR F , DISPENSING CHEMIST. MAIDSTONE. THE PATENT RUBBER HORSE SHOES For Protecting Horses’ Feet from Injury. A. T T K Ij Tj, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, BROMLEY, KENT. Solh Agent for thf. op Kent. To be had of all Shoeing Smiths ...