... Maidstone. The Robbeet from Draper’s Shop. —At the Petty Sessions on Saturday week, Amelia Honey and Fanny Re If were charged on remand with stealing a pair of boots, value 12a. 9d., the property of Messrs. Paine and Dan-ant, High Street, on the 15th ...

Published: Tuesday 02 January 1872
Newspaper: Kentish Gazette
County: Kent, England
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... MAIDSTONE & KENTISH JOURNAL, JAN. 22, 1872- Oq Thursday, Elizabeth Wain, 22, and Loui|a Wain, 13, mera charged with stealing two pairs of boots from the shop of Mr. E. Buck, of High-street, on Saturday. The younger prisoner pawned a pair at Mr. E. A. ...


... tost two prisoners were brought to Maidstone by P.C. Jones, X.C.C., stationed Hainan, to undergo the terms imprisonment to which they had been sentenced, and they came from Strood the tnda which arriv** to Maidstone at ABA Thaw w era not the the time ...


... WEST KENT QUARTER SESSION* Sessions for the Western Division of the County of Kent were held the Sessions House, Maidstone, on Thursday last, before J. G. Talbot. Esq., M.P., Chairman. The Chairman, in addressing the Grand Jury, of which Mr. John Issard ...

Published: Tuesday 09 January 1872
Newspaper: Kentish Gazette
County: Kent, England
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Th •■i .■ P [«

... baying shares for their wives or for their daughters; and they will tell you with tho greatest gravity, “ I sold my wife’s * Golden fleeces ’ to-day at 1,500 per cent, over what they cost her,” or My. daughter sold her Great Extended Tin-pot Gullys ’ great ...

Published: Tuesday 02 January 1872
Newspaper: Kentish Gazette
County: Kent, England
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... Management m tho society. Maidstone, August'.'4th. 1*71.” Society por the Employment and Improved 1.0 Hop Pickers -—Notice ! Experience.! hop-pickers pood character mav arof enga-cmen's, free of charge, for th'* hoppicking in Kent, by applying the agent* ...

District Intelligence

... to put them on. The jury , found a verdict for the plaintiff for the amount claimed. MAIDSTONE. op Stealing Fowl*.—At the county magistrates' clerk'* office, Maidstone, Friday last, before C. Whitehead, Esq., Thomas Barton, a labourer, of Bredgar, wai ...

Published: Friday 26 January 1872
Newspaper: Dover Express
County: Kent, England
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KEN-rfstf HkRtW'&TfcMW

... her back pair of man's boot* Tb* stolen on wore pair of yard. She mw them about half-part four in tb* afterboy (boots. Wb*n apprehended b* said that be did noon. She went out, and when ah* rotomed ah* (band not steal tba boots, be only took than. the ...

Published: Saturday 13 January 1872
Newspaper: Kentish Mercury
County: London, England
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... HENNIKER, A.H.A., (Profesaor from the Royal Academy, and Organist of Trinity Church, Maidstone), Attends Pupils their Residences lus Residence. Haydn Vi la, Boaley-ioad, Maidstone. . BELGRAVE HOUSE, NEW ROAD, CHATHAM. trtHE MISSES PIKE, assisted by competent ...


... hop-growers will be held the Star Hotel. Maidstone, on Thursday, the 25th Inst., to consider the increased coov charged on the sale of hops. The Maidstone Farmers’ Gli b.—The annual general meeting of the Maidstone Farmers’ Club will he held on Thursday ...


... aroounta of £4O. This is attributed to the exoeaaire lukewarm ness of the rapport given in West Kent, where the aabecriptiooa amounted only to £U7 againat from Bast Kent. Captain Brenchley recommended the abandonment of the oolu* maL n. Mr. Millee also aunrestod ...

Published: Wednesday 03 January 1872
Newspaper: Sporting Life
County: London, England
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... London. THE SCALt? OF COMMISSION ON HOPS MEtTISQ OF PLANTERS AT MAIDSTONE. A meeting of hoo-plantora of tho district, both nameronsly an influeutiallj attended, was held the Star Hotel, Maidstone, on Thursday afternoon, for the purpose of taking into consideration ...