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Bet. the Hkadmastm, M.A

... kiue and corn With something Saturnian days. Comes down the golden Sabbath morn. This old kirk road Our fathers trod— Have trod through ages olden. ■ grassy ways, And braes, And whinny hedges golden. . Both and old. thaj-aa «■» andlnn.. At tbe bell', kindly ...

Published: Saturday 27 April 1872
Newspaper: Londonderry Sentinel
County: Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Type: Illustrated | Words: 4882 | Page: 3, 4 | Tags: none

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... euralgia u..e instantly removed by ties Golden I Miin. -'he relief is instaucareeous. Trhe Rev. Dr. Tisdall, Chanlellor of Chc'~St Church Citheor i, h-as plea'rn' in Iwaring teetlmonl' to the efficesor of thle 'Golden vlxi,'wich'he found to give relief the ...