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... apart for the purpose—have discharged a considerable number at the Town Pier, nearly all travelling by North Kent Railway from Gravesend, Maidstone and the surrounding district. Sahitart Committkk Port. -On Tuesday l**t several members of the Sanitary Committee ...


... Booneu IS BooU and Bhoaa 14 Boot and Shoe Msnd-15 Comer’i Ooodi 16 Cofflna 17 Hair Cutting and Shaving 18 Carriage of Goods Samples Cbeesemongerv, Orocenr, Ale, Porter, Wine, Spirita, Clothing, Hosiery. Drapery, Bonnets, Boots, Shoes, and Carrier’s Goods ...

District Intelligence

... to have been born alive. MAIDSTONE. Firs.—At half-past three o'clock on Friday afternoon information was received at the Maidstone police station of a fire that had broken oat on Mr. Court's farm, at Gould's Court, Maidstone. An engine was immediately ...

Published: Friday 13 September 1872
Newspaper: Dover Express
County: Kent, England
Type: Article | Words: 6689 | Page: 4 | Tags: none


... served the primary visitation of the Arch bishop Canterbury has been issued. It will commence Tuesday, September 24tb, at Maidstone on (All Saints), for the deanery Sutton. At eleven a.m. the churchwardens who are cited will appear the vestry, befoie his ...


... aid, 10s; Lord' Cheeham, Latimer, highly commended; J. F. Perkins, Bracknoil Farm, commended; thirteen eutries. iiii-i . boots. , ,k Mi ,„! P -it- Class 10 the best nop of not less than two acres of mangold wurtzels, /our acres of swedes, and two acres ...

Published: Saturday 14 September 1872
Newspaper: Bucks Herald
County: Buckinghamshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 19000 | Page: 4, 5, 6 | Tags: none

I l«>iwm>lD«.» to oOciMt ■■■>»« far 1871, m 8 Ikon who kon earn■ is;, sss Poyne, 81, limn boo, Mr

... s. oilk aabr*n*,l(rBp«i*wbo«fc ; PrfnteO. JohntoM,», htlf-nok floor,Mr BtaM*t Bont.-laolra(0or Palarr, 28, * pair of riflo boot!, Mr. Dattoo; Print* B*l**, 28, half too ot eool*. Mr. Hoftao j OoroL Pbrry, 28, * foldiof ehtir. Hr K. Own ; Print* J. Sonoera ...

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... North Wall ,Dublin; JAsxne HARTLEY & Co., 137, Lesaienball-strcet, or at Miller's Wharf, Lower East Smithifiold, and West Kent Wharf, Southwarkc, London; y IV. & E. C. CAU~n,. Falmouth; R. CLAnus & SON, or H. J. g WARINe, Plymouth; LE FEUvin & SON, ...


... condition from personal inspection up to within two days of the present time in all the potato diatricta in Middlesex, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Herts, Cambridge, Suffolk, and part of Huntingdonshire. In several of these districts especially around Chatteris and ...


... Guide. I Pledoe you my Honour it's a Fact.— Corn* Bunions, vud enlarged Toe-Joints are easily and quickly 'j*™ by Barber's Golden Tissue. Sold by Chemists. ?? ■ ' '»■« by post, fourteen stamps. Large, for bunions, thiii;- -three stamps. Barber, Chemist ...

Published: Saturday 14 September 1872
Newspaper: Hampshire Advertiser
County: Hampshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 1195 | Page: 2 | Tags: none