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... comatose condition, when died. BROMLEY. RIFLE COMPETITION. On Wednesday the annua! rifle match amongst the members of 18th Kent Rifle Corps, Bromley, for prizes given the tradesmen of town, took place at the slitting butts, Southend, and the day being ...

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Published: Tuesday 17 September 1872
Newspaper: Nottingham Journal
County: Nottinghamshire, England
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... the county of Kent, the popular resort for many years past of the million, the great middle-class, the residents, the nobility, gentry— and even Royalty has deigned to vißit this attractive spot and see the place to spend a happy day. Kent is proverbially ...

Published: Tuesday 17 September 1872
Newspaper: London Evening Standard
County: London, England
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Price 2d. Post Free lid

... the Aye- MONISM and VALUERS, Cranbrook, Kent. 81:788E;4-fATF8F0D, and BUOBELL rittheparisl7e's of EtehinginTiian/S;lifttret. An exteweire and unreserved sale of the wellmown herd pure Sasser Stock, Sock of 1,000 Kent Sheep, powerful draught Hanes, and Farming ...

Published: Tuesday 17 September 1872
Newspaper: Surrey Gazette
County: Sussex, England
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... mounting the tiers it long granite steps, irresistibly attracted the white gleam of the marble groups of statuary below, and the golden glitter of the cross-crowned metallic spire above. Though the absence of the enthroned effigy of the Prince, on winch the ...


... fresh coloured, with dark hair, whiskers, and moustaches. A black cutaway coat, light tweed trousers and vest, side spring boots, and black felt hat. There was nothing aid in identifying the deceased except white cambric handkerchief, which was marked ...

Published: Tuesday 17 September 1872
Newspaper: Essex Herald
County: Essex, England
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... DEPOSITS. Current Accounts opened similar to the Joint Stock Banks, but without wly stipulation as to amount of balauce to be kent by the customer. Cheque Books supplied. Offioe hour,' om Ten till Four ; on Mondays from Ten till Nine; and on Saturdays from ...

Published: Wednesday 18 September 1872
Newspaper: London Evening Standard
County: London, England
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E~iTt\IJIRGH aud NEWCASTLE. HL 'GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY'S . i ' xu-aiii-ships leave Irongate Wharf, ..

... perfumer for Rowland's Kalydor, and take no other, as theirs is the only genuine. GOLDEN HAIR.— ROB ARE'S AUREOLINE produces, by two or three applications, the beautiful golden colour so much admired. Warranted not to destroy the hair. Price ss. 6d. and 10s ...

Published: Thursday 19 September 1872
Newspaper: Morning Post
County: London, England
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... Dirner and Des. e, erxvces, C'r.jizig Utensils ?? &.I mao, a Bradford ?? Vowel -UWshlinzg MTacnlne, Napkin PJres, Meat bate, Kent's hni.:e Cleaner. Rocking Morse, Pew eOnshions, a numbler c i Chiese io-s Pictores, Water Cask. &c-a, hc. Terrams-C.-1-E, aund ...


... 10n of Furniture and all kinds of Goods part *c town or district, on the *« notice, and the most reasonable teAns. ?? a v BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE, 4q w R. APPLETON • WttfiOS SIBEET, MiBM^SBBOBOH. 3938 BIBDS EYE BETUBNS. DICKINSON, TOBACCO MANUFACTURER ...

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... TEETH BY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. Regular attendlance as follows: At 'PORTSMOUTH, the third TUESDAY of every month, at Mr. Davis's Boot Establishment, 123, Higb-street. 2 At FAREHAM, the day before the third Tuesday of every month, at Mr. C. Batchelor's, Chemist ...