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District Intelligence

... seconds, besides extra 9a. par ton for delivery. MAIDSTONE. Axothsb Fias Gould's Com.—On Sunday laat fire, the second at the same place within the past month, occurred at Gould'• Court, near Maidstone, a farm the occupation of Mr. Court. The fire brokr ...

Published: Friday 27 September 1872
Newspaper: Dover Express
County: Kent, England
Type: Article | Words: 4640 | Page: 4 | Tags: none


... required. The deceased gentleman wa* well-known and esteemed throughout the whole of East Kent, although he left tho district some years ago to accept a practice Maidstone, where he became district medical officer. We have rea on to believe that the case is ...


... 7tI, . TBKR. addressed to the Clerk of e for Kent, Sessions House, Maidstone, and bo JvirKed on the outside cover Tender for Police and Prison Warders Clothing.” F. RUSSELL, ~ ~ , Clerk of the Peace for Kent. udstone, 20th Sept., 1872. [1 THE COUNTY DOVOR ...


... the forenoon. JOHN COGGER, Agent. Maiditono, 26th August, 1872. KENT QUARTER SESSIONS. 'VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN> That the next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the Peace for the County of ' Kent wi'l be holden the Sessions House at Saint Augustine’s, near Canterbury ...


... —Punch. THE HOP HARVEST IN KENT. The Special Correspoudest of the Doily New, writing from Ditton, near Maidatomt, gives the followin4 tut/resting account of the hop harvest In Kent:— I should like well to be • bop-farmer of Kent thie year. The genial, p ...

Published: Saturday 28 September 1872
Newspaper: East Kent Gazette
County: Kent, England
Type: Article | Words: 3775 | Page: 6 | Tags: none


... did assailant, and the authorities have clue not go bv THE HOP HARVEST IN KENT. FEET-WIPING A correspondent of the Daily News pives the following description of hop-picking: in Kent, and tno feet-wiping performance practised upon novices : The walk was right ...


... security of Office whose resources have been tested the experience of more than a Century and a half. I, Bank-itnat AGENTS. Maidstone Mr. G. W. Nichole Ashford (Vacant) Belvedere Mr. R. W. Craddock. Bexlev J. T. Green. Bromlej James How. Canterbury George ...

=stem and packers as well, remain in the oastimuite night and day during the hop harvest for the purpose of

... the name of house'where. The home-pickers are furnished from the residential population:lot the neighbourhood. Half Maidstone turns out to the hi-p-her est, working chiefly in the gardens closely adjacent to the town, and returnini: home after the ...

Published: Saturday 28 September 1872
Newspaper: East Kent Gazette
County: Kent, England
Type: Article | Words: 5679 | Page: 6 | Tags: none