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... wad be beooht tee the licht o' day But th re are some folk, I may say a beep o' folk, who, when sae begins Me Ink toe them &boot reform. excuse thennels by esyie—O. gin we had this, that or the Aber thing. it wad be very easy es begin an' pat matters atom ...

Published: Saturday 14 October 1876
Newspaper: Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser
County: Lanarkshire, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 6273 | Page: 1 | Tags: none

ADVERTISERS. j dicers who desire that their A_nou_oe- a D^ R K be seen and r^n«>d by the general public

... suitable for Houte Soap, Ist and 24 (manut arturer's name to be given). B»st Wafhmg Soda, per cwt. (ret). Best East India Rice. Boots and Shoes. Samples of tbe kind required to be seen at tbe House. Coals, to be delivered at the Bouse as required ; Best Eng- ...

Published: Friday 27 October 1876
Newspaper: Dundee Courier
County: Angus, Scotland
Type: Advertisement | Words: 15514 | Page: 1, 3, 4 | Tags: Classifieds 

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... das Street, ,alller Street, Ingram Street, College Street, Rohester Place, Sauohieha3l Street, end Oswald us et. Apply to Ro boot Downie, Accountant 121 West Regent St. 22HCIJIHANYAN S'1'lET FO LET, the ?? SHOP of the Al new Tenement 22 Buohanan Street ...