[For Transmission Abroad.] THE SONG OF THE SEA

... dying day Stole down the breath of deep'mng eve, And feathered bard* morn gay Sang softly ore they took their leave. Deep golden bands, fair Phoebus’* train, Upshot the curtain’d weetoro sky; And halo’d o’er the mystic main, Sunk softly to a crimson dye ...

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... aIlyi OraaeTnm . Eoodea . Bfcple , Stetrtte , aan ^ rterer . 'HIiey . aSBOT ™ JeaaTDavfa . TATucfaoSSsfflBDtiwo- 'MlES Ada , Golden Eya Sg * iflBireE 0 ° ^ . Oaa . • ' {{} wn * fsM ; Oaaaa \ OoiiTjclioD • WotteBBO . 2 IodfEty . I > B « daip . . • • prNKlb ...

Published: Tuesday 23 April 1878
Newspaper: The Scotsman
County: Midlothian, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 7673 | Page: 7 | Tags: none

fiaitfttmre 3ournal, gbtrttengfttrt iHafl flaim, ana inbernegg «fbttto. airt ftort&em farmer,

... Aberdeen; 2 Frederick M’Crae, Cunuignr Hill, Al«or- deen. Golden or wlver-pencillcd Hamburgh (Uentrie —l, 2, 3, Willium Meanm, 15, Stree Aberdeen; I Alcxun ier Vollentine, Cottar Blackburn. Golden Kilver-apaneled Hiimbunrh i entries)—l Kobert 1095, Street ...


... tributaries of the Severn. A composition of 6s 8d in the £1 having been paid in discharge of the debts owing by Viscount Maidstone, an order has been made by Mr Spring Rice, annulling the bankruptcy. At a meeting of the Glasgow Calico Ball Committee it ...

Published: Tuesday 05 March 1878
Newspaper: Dundee Courier
County: Angus, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 5269 | Page: 7 | Tags: none


... Union, his employer's son, was yesterday committed to take his trial at next Maidstone assizes. THE KENT LABOURERS' STRialt„—The union leaders state that the labourers' strike in Kent is extending, over 900 being now on the fonds. TM union is making every ...

Published: Wednesday 25 December 1878
Newspaper: North British Daily Mail
County: Lanarkshire, Scotland
Type: Illustrated | Words: 6092 | Page: 4, 5 | Tags: none


... a report on American Agricultural Colleges. The minor geld medal was also !waded to Mr James Duff, forester, Bayham Abbey, Kent, for a report on the utilisation of waste forest produce. Among the premiums offered fur neat year is use of £3O for an essay ...

Published: Saturday 19 January 1878
Newspaper: Huntly Express
County: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 3749 | Page: 7 | Tags: none


... heavy hunting knife ; and heavy boots, halfway the thigh, slouched at top. Truth. ThejStrike of Agricultural Labourers. —A meeting of the executive committee of the Kent and Sussex Labourers’ Union was held at Maidstone on Tuesday. There were present delegates ...

Published: Saturday 16 November 1878
Newspaper: Aberdeen Press and Journal
County: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 3916 | Page: 2 | Tags: News 


... her consort, and the third vessel had turned also, and was already something like two miles to the outward. At this moment a boot was seen to put off from the lurching ship, and we thought two others followed, while some three or tear more left the KOulg ...

Published: Thursday 06 June 1878
Newspaper: Dalkeith Advertiser
County: Midlothian, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 7980 | Page: 2 | Tags: none


... on ; and bad onybody insultit his only sister even wi' a look, they had little chance of a soond sleep the nicht after if he kent it. When Hughie's step soonded at the door, Maillie's heart beat quick and fast, for though she bad resolved to hide her lover's ...

Published: Saturday 22 June 1878
Newspaper: Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald
County: Ayrshire, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 7746 | Page: 2 | Tags: none


... Chaa. Cook. Golden Yellow (2 entries)—l Chas. Cook;2D. Raid, lincnigie. Heaviest Yellow (4 entries)—l Duncan Reid, Kin* 1b..; 2 Wm. Mortimer, 91 lbe. Charts Cook, Dorse 11, for boot Swedes Yellows—W. Mortimer. G. Bruce, silver medal for boot • Swedes 6 ...

Published: Wednesday 13 March 1878
Newspaper: Aberdeen Press and Journal
County: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 3332 | Page: 6, 7 | Tags: none


... IMPROVED Elastic boots and shoe Si, Stcurtd Royal Letters PuUnt. The Comfortable, Stylish, and Durable! BOOT every bronchi before the Public. Will any sized Instep, Heel, or Leg. HAD AT J. M G L A A N ’S, CATHCART STREET (Sign of the Golden Boot.) Hutchison’s ...