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THE M.iOf.W’lLiCy

... THE M.iOf.W’lLiCy. The following gentlemen have lieeo appointed to the Coramlecion the Peace ; Cocjrri Armagh —William C. Hobson, Armagh, Dowy—Wm. Carsoo, Kensington Villa Bangor, Ksq. Countt Cork—Albert Beamish. Leemount.Coach- ford. Esq ; Wm. Lumley ...

Published: Saturday 04 March 1882
Newspaper: Irish Times
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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... the Employees of Broadway Damask Company Limited. • Tub Maclstiucy. —Mr. William C. Hobson, Armagh, has been appointed to the commission of the peace for County Armagh. pRBSESTATiojf.—On Friday evening few the friends of Henry Martin, Esq., late secretary ...

Published: Monday 06 March 1882
Newspaper: Northern Whig
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 2577 | Page: 5 | Tags: none