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hy the Rev Canon i-likat too Major General .Vi mv. to Martha Beatrice, the late Rev. F- lladeu Cope. neater

... iimougb. Provincial Bank of an. (son ol tbe Henry . Funeral atricUjr pnvau. ai bit raaudence. Boyne Villa, Andrew Garvey Kelly, late Buri> Forres, fork District, second Kelly, Navaa. E.l ■ Church o'clock -U>) lor tamiiy burial ground*, * - flowers ...

Published: Wednesday 12 June 1907
Newspaper: Dublin Daily Express
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 488 | Page: 1 | Tags: none


... Baptist Hudson. Vicar of Newtown Linford. KELLY—Juno 11th, at his residence. Boyne Villa. Oakley road, RanclaKh, Doctor Andrew Garvey Kelly, lato Civil Surgeon to His Majesty’s Troops, Cork District, second son of the Utc Nicholas Kelly. Navan. KEATING—On ...

Published: Saturday 22 June 1907
Newspaper: Weekly Irish Times
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 1070 | Page: 24 | Tags: none


... R.I.P. Interment on Tuesday last. KELLY—Jon* 11th. 1907, at his residence. Boyne Villa, Oakley Road. Ranelagb, Dr Andrew-Garvey Kelly, late Civil Surgeon to his Majesty's Troops. Cork District, second eldest son of the late Nicholas Kelly, Navan. Interment ...