... MARRIAGE CAPTAIN D. L BEATTY AND MISS A. G. E. STUDDY. At St James's Church, Piccadilly, London, W., yesterday afternoon with choral service and no floral dec-ration*, the quiet wedding took place of Captain David Longfield Beatty, late of the h Hussars ...

Published: Tuesday 16 January 1900
Newspaper: Western Times
County: Devon, England
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PAIGNTON AGRICULTDKAL SOCIETY. Animal Exhibition. Paignton and District Agrwultural Society'T show on Wednesday ..

... Hiss Q. Hurston; 2, T. E. Studdy. Stoke Gabriel; 3. J. A. Codings and Sons, Exeter. Open, over hands—l. Mas O. Hurston ;2.W. B. Pinsent, Newton Abbot; 3, Misa Laura Martyn, Exmouth. Within the Torquay Division-1, T. E. Studdy; 2, W. H. and F. Trant, ...


... to Mr. Thomas Tozer, of Hux,r. r iham, with his successful heavy weight hunter, ts the runner-up being an exhibit Mr. T. E. Studdy, of Stoke Gabriel. ' c the open class for cobs and ponies a proa° test was entered by .Mr. E. Beedell, Newton St. Cyres, ...

Published: Thursday 22 July 1909
Newspaper: Western Times
County: Devon, England
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... mourners were Mrs. Studdy (the bereaved widow), Colonel and Mrs. R. son and daughter-in-law), Captain E. H. Studdy (son), Mrs. E. Studdy (daughter-inlaw), Miss Ernestine Studdy (granddaughter), Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Macaulay (daughter and son-in-law), Mies Lois ...

Published: Friday 17 March 1905
Newspaper: Western Times
County: Devon, England
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... HARNESS. Best harness horse (ge)ding or mare), 15 bands, and under, (open).—-X, Miss G. Burston, Fitzroy, Taunton: 2, T. E. Studdy, Maisonette, Stok* Gabriel; 3, A. B. Lavis, Kingsbridge. Harness (open), best harness horse (gelding narei over 15 hands ...

Published: Saturday 25 July 1908
Newspaper: Totnes Weekly Times
County: Devon, England
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... E. A. Took, Paignton. Harness horse, open. hands and under, driven in single harness—l, Miss G. Burston, Taunton 2. T. E. Studdy, Stoke Gabriel ;3, A. E. Lavis. Kingshridge. Over hands—l and special. Miss G. Burston ; 2, Philip Kingwell. Yollandbrook ...

WORKMEN’S COMPENSATION. Stoke Gabriel Labourer’s unsuccessful Claim. His Honour Judge Lush-Wilson, K.O was ..

... for the applicant, and Mr. W. T. Lawrance, barrister (instructed Mr. P. R. Hockin, Dartmouth), for the respondent, Thomas E. Studdy, of Maisonette. St kc Gabriel. The particulars of the claim showed that personal injury was caused tho applicant whilst in ...


... Jervoiee, C. It. Knollya G. Lipscomb, G. E. Lloyd Baker, E. Mathews, H. B. Napier, C. N. P. Phipps, A. F. Somerville, T. E. Studdy. S. Smyth- Osbonrne, H. W. Taylor, C. C. Tudway, F. Plowman, secretary and editor; F. ,T. Lloyd, F.C.S.. associate editor; ...

rinombr council school

... Jer-' voise. R. Knoll vs. G. Lipscomb. G. E. Llovd Baker, E. Mathews H B. Napier, C. N. P. Phipps. A. F. Somerville, T. E. Studdy, J. S. Smvthe-Osbourne, H. W. Taylor, C. C. Tudwav, Thos. F. Plowman secretary and editor; F. J. Llovd, F.C.S., associate ...

Published: Friday 07 May 1909
Newspaper: Sussex Agricultural Express
County: Sussex, England
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... best harness horse (gelding mare) 15 hands and under, to be driven in single harness.—l, Miss G. Burston, Taunton; 2. T. E. Studdy, Stoke Gabriel; 3, A. E. vis, Kingsbridge Harness (open) best harness horse (gelding or mare) over 15 hands, to be driven ...

Published: Thursday 23 July 1908
Newspaper: Western Times
County: Devon, England
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Christmas Lift Books

... chosen, and the reading matter interesting and instructive. Well-known artists like Hassail, Lawsson Wood, H. Sandy, G. E. Studdy, Philip Baynes, and H. M. Bateman contribute clever and amusing sketches, coloured and otherwise, while from the pen of E ...

Published: Wednesday 08 December 1909
Newspaper: Dundee Courier
County: Angus, Scotland
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... in command. Four squadrons compose the regiment; the squadron commanders are Captains D. P. Wickham, A. R. G. Hunter, B. E. Studdy, and C. W. Budden. Captain Lord Maitland, Adjutant of the Roughriders Corps, accompanied the battalion as conducting officer ...

Published: Monday 01 April 1901
Newspaper: Pall Mall Gazette
County: London, England
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