... THE PERSIAN SHAH. The Shah of Persia received an address at the Guildhall to-day, and was afterwards enijertained to luncheon. ...

Published: Wednesday 05 November 1919
Newspaper: Cornishman
County: Cornwall, England
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... THE PERSIAN' SHAH, HIS MAJESTY’S DEPARTURE FROM DOVER. The Shah left Dove? 9.40 yesterday morning for London. He was accompanied by Prince Arthur of Connaught, the Earl of Kintore, etc,, and the departure of the illustrious visitor was signalised dem ...

TO-DAY’S MISCELLANY: Ancient Shorthand. About Furs. Cripple’s Adventure. The Romance of Whitsuntide. \\Millions ..

... ransacked COLOUR Takdis—standing on feet of rubies. It Fortnightly Review, says the first ini- a)atr',r,i T'HC' RC'CT* CAor DO Persian Shah who showed Venetian Am- actual mention of it which he has to provide beauty for elegant shoulders. THE BEST SABLES. t.j ...

Published: Friday 06 June 1930
Newspaper: Lancashire Evening Post
County: Lancashire, England
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... same as bur in the word burg, although this is questionable; but what connection can the Evie sha have with the Persian Shah? Where does Mr Marwick find that the Evie sha means a strong ruler? He cannot find this until he takes the long journey ...

Published: Saturday 07 March 1903
Newspaper: Orcadian
County: Orkney, Scotland
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... the Sun, whose splendour is that of the Firmament ; Monarch of Armies numerous as the Stare —these are the titles of a Persian Shah. Mum/IT-id-Din, inane his accession, has shown that be has better qualities than were previously credited to him. His keen ...

Published: Saturday 23 August 1902
Newspaper: Alcester Chronicle
County: Warwickshire, England
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... THE PERSIAN SHAH SEEKS SHELTER AT A LEGATION. TEHERAN, Friday. The Shah baa taken refuge at the Russian Legation. A deputation born British and Russian Legs-- Lone is coming to Teheran to inform the Nationsiliata—Reuter. ...

Published: Friday 16 July 1909
Newspaper: Coventry Evening Telegraph
County: Warwickshire, England
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... by some authorities to Palatnedes. a Grecian hero of the Trojan war, about 1080 'Lc. The word chess is derived from the Persian shah, king; and checkmate, or shahmat, means king confounded or overcome. But not only in Persian but in Sanscrit and other ...

Published: Friday 14 December 1900
Newspaper: Henley & South Oxford Standard
County: Oxfordshire, England
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... by some authorities to Palamedes, a Grecian hero of the Trojan war, about 1(180 a.r. The word chews is derived from the Persian shah, king; and checkmate, or shahmat, means king eonfounded or everts - mfg. . But not only in Persian, but in Fninacrit ...

Published: Saturday 14 September 1912
Newspaper: Wicklow People
County: Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
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... read, When His Majesty the Cat Receives in His Drawing Room.” The reason for this is that the French word for cat and the Persian Shah are pronounced in the same way, and the Government concerned thought that a pun was implied. In fact, it is of such incidents ...

Published: Monday 16 January 1939
Newspaper: Nottingham Evening Post
County: Nottinghamshire, England
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... there is more Republicanism in the air than at any time during the last twenty-five years. The death of Ahmad, the last Persian Shah of the Kajar dynasty, who vas deposed in 1925, occurred in Prance yesterday Mr Campbell Black, a British airman, is missing ...

Published: Friday 28 February 1930
Newspaper: Aberdeen Press and Journal
County: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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... SHARP REPLY TO DECREE. RUSSIA NOTIFIES POWERS SHE WON’T INTERFERE. [BEVTER’e TRLEGRAMS.] morning the Young Persian Shah was conducted to Sultanababad Palace and there formally acquainted bis accession, ft is believed will be sent abroad to ...


... —Girls: 1. Daphne Parsons (Christmas Tree); 2. Sylvia Henvest (poppy); 3. Mavis Mengeham So-Peep). Soya: 1. Tommy Mengeham (Persian Shah); 2. Jimmy Houneome (Will Hay - ). Consolation: Iris Pratt and Daphne Cox (bride and bridegroom). Dress made from materials ...

Published: Friday 06 January 1939
Newspaper: Hampshire Telegraph
County: Hampshire, England
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