... House, Craven Arms. Clun Forest sheep : Mr. J. 11. Yeomans. Shelsley Beauchamp, Worcester, and Mr. T. Prosser, Gentfuedd, Talgarth, Brecon. ' Pigs : Mr. A. Tar, Craven Arms. Horticulture : Mr. Geo. Morris, The Gardens, Grove, Craven Arms. and Mr. T. Stephens ...

Published: Saturday 18 August 1928
Newspaper: Kington Times
County: Herefordshire, England
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WANTED A motor tractor drawing a threshing machine and a straw tier and driven by John Baden Wainwright, of Upper

... WANTED A motor tractor drawing a threshing machine and a straw tier and driven by John Baden Wainwright, of Upper Sapey. got out of control while descending a hill School Lane, llochford, at about 4.30 p.m. on Tuesday. and mashed into the bank, completely ...

Published: Saturday 23 March 1940
Newspaper: Kington Times
County: Herefordshire, England
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... FOOTIALI. MOTUI. EVESHAM, Canons lloonne.—M 10.45. Tuesday. Jan. 7 Thuredav, Jill 9 . Netherton. SoturdaY. Jan. 11-Berkeley Arms, Egdon, at 11. Tee Woicsergnagunx—At 11. Monday. Jan. 6 Golden Bromagrove Wednesday, Jan. 8 Friday. Jan. 10. White Hart, Farnhill ...


... unkind and impatient CLERKS ROBBED OF 13.000. By Arm•d and Masked Man. Two clerk s who were taking miners' wages' from a hank Lon.staby, kideshuo, to the ', co.liery on Friday were en upon by an armed and masked man who compelled them to hand over ...


... on the arms and face with the full kettle., and the water wont over witness, whole arum were bruised. Rote Shunner Naughtier of the last mdse.') site did not throw any water over Mte. Taylor. She saw Mrs. Taylor strike her mother, whose arms were bruised ...


... Should this be Emma in favour of the owners of licensed property, the commiithe will reduce the meads accordingly. Mr. John Grattan. M.P., presided over yesterday's meeting. and Mr. Faraday, tfis Btrewees' Association Taber, was Llilierevint At the elms ...


... RANCit.—John Baker and Harry Workman. labourer*. Pershore. were summoned by Sergeant Creenway, drill instructor to the Eershone Volunteers. for eteeling levee 12lbs. weight of lead on April 27th, at Beef-wel. and 201 be. of lead on Mar 4th. John Rarill ...


... a service was held, when the preacher was tie Rev A H Watson, of Lighthome. Deere.—The death mewled auddrnlv on Friday of M John Walton. of Bishops Itchington: Mr Waltiin had been ill for a fortnight. but resumed work on Friday morning. At dinnertime he ...

Published: Saturday 08 November 1913
Newspaper: Rugby Advertiser
County: Warwickshire, England
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TPIE WEE LY HitBALD. FIt.WAY November 2. 1900. School Notes

... resulted in • ' draw 0-0. 84, John. Athletic v. Crewent Rangers.—Playad on the Marshes on Saturday and resulted in • non for St. John'. by 4 goals to nil. A very interesting was the result of the loaning of the shove aluln. &. John's kicked off ninon the wind ...


... paid over to Sheppey by John Bennett was something over £7OO. s it. g old coins were there of Valin. tinier, Gratian, Valentinian, junior. and Theo. doaium, and the silver ones those of Conetentius, Julian, and Valentinian. Grattan, and Theodosius. It was ...


... FRUITERER AND FLORIST. 19, ihidge St., EVESHANI. I:7ITE of 7 pro. log Droving Room. frames colour inlaid. Oak 1' try. al &AM% 1 Arm Main. sad 4 Ai An: limasd-hood. Worm Mir. QUITE of 7 peg. Molrogoar, holstered in of low Conch ? 2 Tub flrooll Chain; in excellent ...


... embody they and is let to Mr J. Lucas on a quarterly Leo ter Ore? can operate in the tominittee borough area- RE D AND ST. JOHN - - pli M e* a l y w l ii v h et . Sure, to appeal to the patriotism o mme ll Rued. after c•eisultation with the borough a ...

Published: Saturday 16 September 1939
Newspaper: Kington Times
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