****** WHIGS

... origin and etymology of the word Whigs.” The word Whig ” is a corruption of the Dutch word “wegge ” a cake. In a Dutch and French dictionary I find “wegge” —“peltit pain blanc ” (small white bread, etc). The Good Friday “ Whig ” is a very old institution in ...

Published: Friday 29 May 1936
Newspaper: Wells Journal
County: Somerset, England
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Whig- and Tory

... Whig- and Tory. The word Whig was given to the Liberal Party in England the in Cromwell’s time, and was taken from the initial letters of their own motto ‘‘Wo hope in God,” but Drydeu, iu IBtS” wrote them in these terms Damned ncutors, in their middle ...


... “THE WHIG.” The official magazine of the Trowbridge High School for Boys, entitled ** The Wing ** has again made its annual appearance, and the Editor and others responsible for the publication are congratulated upon having, under most difficult conditions ...


... WHIG HEWI J u ...

Published: Friday 10 May 1946
Newspaper: Shepton Mallet Journal
County: Somerset, England
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... WHIG MTS. LINi II \NDICAP. KSS,. sfe:/:;'; -;;::-: ! *: »sr Sas*- ; 111»-- 1,., »isomNiKJi ii vxwi v ...

Published: Friday 31 January 1908
Newspaper: Western Morning News
County: Devon, England
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... MISS WHIG C rt. du P.O. Madams will limited el MIA for TUITION IN 51 Oak. ..d Pieter, (Into. WNSTON.SUPEK M LSE. A tTHELSTAN SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. xxc INCLOSIVt FEES foi . Board. French, ond 24 GUINEAS PER ANNUM. Monts M !camDiatoms. mad View of Donne may ...

Published: Tuesday 22 April 1902
Newspaper: Bristol Times and Mirror
County: Bristol, England
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Ake Regular Whigs to CALCUTTA

... Ake Regular Whigs to CALCUTTA. Apply to Thos. Cook & Son, 365, High Street ; Cornelius & Boulter, Promenade ; Workman & Co.. 24. Clarence Street, Cheltenham; or Anchor Line Etuo d lerson Brothers) limited, 4. St. Mary Axe, or ty, Water Street, liverpooL ...

Published: Thursday 17 November 1910
Newspaper: Cheltenham Examiner
County: Gloucestershire, England
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... CHEW WHIG RUGBY TOPICS TAUNTON-WELLINGTON MATCH TO-DAY’S FIXTURE AT PRIORY PARK [BY SPHINX. I Taunton and Wellington meet at Taunton to-day in what should a most interesting struggle. It will certainly no kid-glove' aiiair. Wellington come to Taunton ...

Moe. 3/- Pollesee 3d. is Nam Whig*

... Moe. 3/- 3d. Nam Whig*. ad. y.. t: S. J. COLEY. Nish St.& suns It.. BUM Articles, .k. asstd. OW =riga add ata—Jelm at, •kW • DAMN{ /VI. for ow west tad 'Swift the or rf if mitt patter% MI gives. Meaty arm t rime Ltt. Albert INTANTSO 40 Pain of SOWS week ...


... WRIGHT% COAL TAR 80AP- WHIG HT& COAL TAN MAP Fur Mark. WWI. , WRIGHT'S GOAL TAR SOAP the Ceogpledoe •WRIGHTN ORAL TAM, SOAP Far Fogel, mad Ndroerl. hi trlXd. dd. earl.. lOU et 3YAMu7s,4L SIX MONTHS' COMFORT A denght.hdly =arid: a CLEAVNR'S riUPICICCREAKED ...

Published: Tuesday 08 January 1901
Newspaper: Bristol Times and Mirror
County: Bristol, England
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