“The Battle of the Somme.” •• The Battle of the Somme, the pictorial story the big push in Flanders, is

... “The Battle of the Somme.” •• The Battle of the Somme, the pictorial story the big push in Flanders, is witnessed in Arbroath during the first three nights of next week at both of the local picture houses—the Olympia and tin. Palace—and judging by the ...

The Battle of the Somme

... The Battle the Somme. The stupid idea has been put forth, by one or two commentators on the war that the Battle of the Somme has ended ineffectively. It has certainly not ended ineffectively,,and there no sign that it has ended at all. Fong pauses are ...

Published: Saturday 16 December 1916
Newspaper: Sheffield Daily Telegraph
County: South Yorkshire, England
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Thu Battle of the Somme

... Thu Battle the Somme. The more the Battle of the Somme is considered the greater it appears, whether one studies it in Sir Douglas Haig’s dispatch or in its effect on German policy. When it began the military situation was critical. At Verdun the French ...

Published: Saturday 20 January 1917
Newspaper: Reading Mercury
County: Berkshire, England
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Battle of the Somme

... facing the British Army. Nevertheless the Battle of the Somme accomplished noteworthy objects, because it relieved the pressure on Verdun and wrecked the German hopes of forcing the Meuse. The Battle of the Somme, after our first successes, was continued ...

Published: Sunday 31 December 1916
Newspaper: The People
County: London, England
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Battle of the Somme

... all said and done, there something wanting. Thus it is ■ with the stupendous battle of the Somme, in which ou>r brave lads, in. Co-opera tion ;. with gallant Allies, are battling with; such dauntless bravery and devotion the j cause humanity. Article* d ...

Published: Friday 22 September 1916
Newspaper: Exeter and Plymouth Gazette
County: Devon, England
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... THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME. LECTURE BY CAITAIN E. SKILTON, C'.F. On Thursday evening the Yeovil Baptist Church was filled with a large congregation who listened with great attention and interest to lecture on The Battle of the Somme,” given by Captain the ...

Published: Friday 22 March 1918
Newspaper: Western Chronicle
County: Somerset, England
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... BATTLE OF THE SOMME.” THE KING’S WARM APPROVAL OP THE FILM- The Secretary of the War Office issues the following for publication:— programme of the official War Office film The Battle the Somme,” as presented at the Scala Theatre, London, and throughout ...

Published: Wednesday 06 September 1916
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Post
County: West Midlands, England
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... BATTLE OF THE SOMME. Wonderful Pictures to be Shown in Manchester. Manchester will shortly have an opportunity of seeing of the most wonderful pictures taken the front —the battle of the Somme. There is nothing theatrical in the film; it is grim realism ...

Published: Tuesday 15 August 1916
Newspaper: Manchester Evening News
County: Greater Manchester, England
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... THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME. Ninon's Histoet the Win. By John Buchan. Voi. Edinburgh and London: Kelson. Is 3d. The sixteenth volume Mr. Buchan’s history is entirely devoted to the battle the Somme, which tells with tnlnsas of detail and admirable perspective ...

Published: Saturday 21 April 1917
Newspaper: Northern Whig
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
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... THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME. WHAT THE GERMANS REALIZE. The Times,” in leading article on the battle of the Somme, remarks that the conflict ia now raging on the British front with a violence which evidently exceeds all the previous stages of the lighting ...

Published: Tuesday 25 July 1916
Newspaper: Nantwich Guardian
County: Cheshire, England
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... THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME AT THE EMPIRE. Spicndifi as th« p'ctures are fh« Empire this week ami goori as the variety far© is we f ...

Published: Friday 10 November 1916
Newspaper: Biggleswade Chronicle
County: Bedfordshire, England
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... THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME. Largo audiences were attracted the Tamworth picture houses on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, by the exhibition of the great war film, the Battle of the Somme. It was show n in five parts, and revealed in truly marvellous manner ...

Published: Saturday 21 October 1916
Newspaper: Tamworth Herald
County: Staffordshire, England
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