... THE COMB-OUT MINES, There is. it stated, general complaint among coal miners that large number of men who have gone into the mines since August. 1914. have not been combed out, while youth*, attaining the age ot IS. have been taken this year. The miners* ...


... COMB-OUT IN MINES. ANOTHER ADVERSE VOTE. Laaaaahire aad C hath ire miner* vole on tha eombeot 60.000 yonnj mm tram tho min roaulted: For. It,MO; afniaot. 30^6®. DURHAM MINERS; WAGES. ...

NO CHALLENGE TO LABOUR. LORD TREOWEN ON COMBOUT OF MINES* Lord Treo.wen, Directoi Nationil Service tor Wales, ..

... LABOUR. LORD TREOWEN ON COMBOUT OF MINES* Lord Treo.wen, Directoi Nationil Service tor Wales, interviewed by a Western Mail reporter Monday, denied emphatically that the Government decision to comb-out 50,000 men from the mines was challenge Labour. The interview ...

Published: Tuesday 12 March 1918
Newspaper: Western Mail
County: Glamorgan, Wales
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... THE MINES COMB-OUT. On the suggestion Sir A. Geddes. the miners' agents and colliery owners have been requested co-operate furnishing informs f to the recruiting authorities for clearing yuiit-vrAr rrit>n out mines. At the Miners' Conference Glasgow, ...

Published: Friday 22 February 1918
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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... THE MINES COMB-OUT. THREATENING ATTITUDE IN SOUTH WALES. ‘l-'C'tl conference of Welsh miners’ delegates at Cardiff yesterday to consider the 'hing-oiit scheme agreed upon on behalf of the •1 Federation of Great Britain and the colliery ■•ers the country ...

Published: Friday 03 August 1917
Newspaper: Nottingham Evening Post
County: Nottinghamshire, England
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... Committee's scheme of Mining Mobility Bureaux. Under this scheme miners may be voluntarily removed from a district where work is slack to districts where miners are requited. was reported that the combing out of men who had entered the mines since the commencemant ...

Published: Thursday 20 December 1917
Newspaper: Dundee Courier
County: Angus, Scotland
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... coal mines who entered coal mining industry after Am;. 4, 1914, and were of military age that date, and are engaged winding enginemen. pump men. electricians, fitter*, and mechanics, hacksroiths, joiners, and wagon and tub makers and repairers. The poritioo ...

Published: Wednesday 05 December 1917
Newspaper: Western Morning News
County: Devon, England
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... COAL MINES COMB-OUT. ALL MEN UP TO YEARS OF AGE NOW AFFECTED. NO EXCEPTED AREAS. The further comb-out colliery workmen, which barred certain ares#, notably the Midlands and some particular othor areas, has been revised upon the representations of the ...

Published: Monday 06 May 1918
Newspaper: Nottingham Evening Post
County: Nottinghamshire, England
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... enclose name and addressasa guarantee of good faith MILITARY J. M. (Kippax).—Apparently the lad comes under + he first comb-out mines. L. C. (Leeds).—The matter entirely in the hands of the authorities, and it is not possiole for you to do anything when the ...

Published: Tuesday 19 March 1918
Newspaper: Leeds Mercury
County: Yorkshire, England
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... the comb-out mines, I don't think you find half-a-dozon cmat coalfield* of Yorkshire that would not thi ir their country if need be. Bat there are lota of men work, ing the pits who have come in since WU, and say if they can work coal, mine they could «lo ...

Published: Wednesday 27 March 1918
Newspaper: Sheffield Independent
County: Yorkshire, England
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... Mincro 1 Ketleration ballot on (no ';ue-riou of “down tools” polity in ..‘ut of the Government proeeed- K the comb-out in mines follow Against down tools tv, 60.6.’i6: for, 15,172; majority against, 45,481. iJSIf ...

Published: Tuesday 06 November 1917
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Gazette
County: Warwickshire, England
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