ENGAGED IN THE GREAT ADVENTURE: Some Convalescent R.F.C. Officers and a Brigade Staff

... CoirwsilLesceiatt R.F.C. Officers s^iad a. Brigade Staffi CONVALESCENT OFFICERS OF A ROYAL FLYING CORPS AUXILIARY HOSPITAL, HILLINGTON HALL From left to right are: Back row 2nd Lieut. A. B. Williams. 2nd Lieut. F. H. Beer, 2nd Lieut. P. E. Towler, Captain G ...

Published: Wednesday 24 October 1917
Newspaper: The Tatler
County: London, England
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... 15th. 1917. BROOK HALL BSTATK, HALL, near Ohesler. Conipnsin.g ACRES. SIDNEY R. FRARNALL will offnr for SALE AUCriON, at the Blossoms Hot'l, Cheater, at o'ch ok, subject conditions. Thr*** Vaiuiblo Freehold DAIRY FARMS, known as Frog Hall Farm, 112 acres; ...

Published: Saturday 02 June 1917
Newspaper: Cheshire Observer
County: Cheshire, England
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£ttn*tioao ffiUnteft

... C. Mason, Wh‘aten Aston, Stafford. UNDER SHEPHERD WANTED : also FARM LABOURERS. to suitable Mon. —Apply. Berry, Shonstone Hall, Lichfield. WAGGONER WANTED wages, 355. a-week. House, and extras. —Darlington, Butterbßl, Stafford. WAGGONER WANTED, used ...

Published: Saturday 06 October 1917
Newspaper: Staffordshire Advertiser
County: Staffordshire, England
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... Church. Ihis the gifts took the form of postal orders and franc notes FOR THE FALLEN.—A successful was held the Co-operative Hall Christmas Eve for the benefit of the families of the fallen. Mr. F. Hargreaves supplied the music, and Messrs. Smith and Parkinson ...

Published: Saturday 29 December 1917
Newspaper: Preston Herald
County: Lancashire, England
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... T- Davies 6 Fat Beasts, J. H. Hall •I, Sharrod 4, H. 1). Garde (Hiana) 3, Jas. Plant and Son 3, R. 8. 3, .1. Hlest 3, T- Alcock E. Lowe (Sugnull Hall) 3, J. Kent 3. J. W. Wardle 2, Jas. Holland Jno. plant 2, J. H. Hall 2, (’. plant 2, F. Bourne 2, J ...

Published: Saturday 24 March 1917
Newspaper: Staffordshire Advertiser
County: Staffordshire, England
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Their Drill

... good story. Some years ago lie was called to attend an imiairtant meeting Hall, London, and being cold Mr. Lord donned bis best and wannest overcoat in which make the journey. the hall hung his coat the vestibule and the meet vigorously advocated the better ...

Published: Saturday 06 January 1917
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Gazette
County: Warwickshire, England
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... HACNAUGUTON, PlTLOilifiY, H.B FARMERS’ UNION. FORAGE GRIEVANCE mooting of farmers in tho Annan district was held in the ictoria Hall on Friday afternoon for the purpose considering the advisability of forming branch of the Scottish Farmers’ Union. -There was ...

Published: Wednesday 04 April 1917
Newspaper: Dumfries and Galloway Standard
County: Dumfriesshire, Scotland
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... ladies' room at the Public Hall for the storing of their rifle., and equipment. Mr. Jackson asked if this was not a case for making a charge. , Mr. I.dear —No for National Service. The ' hairman —We offered the whole suite of halls to the Government at the ...

Published: Wednesday 11 July 1917
Newspaper: Kirkintilloch Herald
County: Dunbartonshire, Scotland
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... PUBLIC MEETING held the LION HOTEL, on THURSDAY, the 3th curt, Half- One for the purpose of Forming Branch 7 Mr Gardiner, Hillington; Mr A P. MacDougal High Cralgton; and Mr A. W. Hunter, General OxbTJ. President of the Executive Comnuttee, m the ehaar ...

Published: Tuesday 06 February 1917
Newspaper: Stirling Observer
County: Stirlingshire, Scotland
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... Whitchurch ' 70|'' B»ngor-on-Dee, Wrexham (86), Mold (97), Asaph (115), Rhyl (120). G.K.—Brighton (avoiding London): Will I '' hall. Princethorpe.. Banbury (27), Oxford Shillingford, Henley-on-Thames (75), Maidenhead (84), Windsor (90), Chertsey (100), (112) ...

Published: Wednesday 04 July 1917
Newspaper: Coventry Evening Telegraph
County: Warwickshire, England
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STOVES wanteds

... RESS WANTED; small eoo.l 1111 COOK-GENEKAL ; -d family.—Apply Ward, Foxenholme, Bram- Chester. SoB.~Apply 56, Hough Green, hall-lane, Stockport. c 485 ...

Published: Saturday 03 March 1917
Newspaper: Chester Chronicle
County: Cheshire, England
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sold up to 15% from Mr Appleby, East Benridge, Morpeth; £43, Mr Laing, Bel ford; 7s fid, Humphreys, East Burton;

... Incalving heifers £3O, from Mr Catchburn. Bucklers to £l9 s>, from Mr Kilby, TodhilL Pigs £l6 15s, from Mt Hutchinson, Bamburgh Hall; ant £l6 10s. from Mr Pyle. Fat bogga sold 86s fid, from Mr Oliver, Make Me Rich; young sheep 80s, from Col. Cookson, Meldon ...

Published: Friday 02 March 1917
Newspaper: The Berwick Advertiser
County: Northumberland, England
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