Object of the Units

... about domestic affairs, housing, their future careers and on. which it-is our job overcome if can. The staff at each Civil Resettlement Unit therefore includes not only doctor and a dental surgeon, but also an occupational officer, especially qualified to ...


... launched an important scheme for the social as well as physical rehabilitation of returned prisoners of war, and a Civil Resettlement Unit has been established at New Washington. | Here, on a site admirably j suited for the purpose, the vital task of guiding ...

iycv Camp For Repatriates Shields Ex-P.O.W.s At Washington Centre

... Flebburn arrived In a civil resettlement unit which opened at Washington yesterday. The 60 repatriated men who ,arrived in the afternoon are all ,from Tyneside and have expressed a wish to , spend a few weeks at the camp to refit them for civil life at their ...

Published: Friday 31 August 1945
Newspaper: Shields Daily News
County: Northumberland, England
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The Lighter Side

... the Array School of Music—is now civil resettlement unit in which men who have spent long periods as prisoners are prepared for re-entry into civilian life. There is no compulsion in the scheme—men volunteer to to the unit and they, can leave will. They ...

Published: Wednesday 22 August 1945
Newspaper: Nottingham Evening Post
County: Nottinghamshire, England
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... are Merseysiders and all are repatriates who have spent long periods in German prison camps and are now in No. 2 Civil Resettlement Unit. The “half-way house,” which is their headquarters, is Peover Hall—Elizabethan and nineteenth century Cheshire country ...

Published: Friday 24 August 1945
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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... RING FROM FRIENDS’ HOUSE At Spelthorne Petty Sessions on Tuesday, Pte. Hilda Ruby Duggan (17). of the A.T.S., No. 8 Civil Resettlement Unit, Kneller Hall, Whitton, was charged with stealing from 54, Rochester Avenue, Feltham, a lady’s gold ring, set blue ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1945
Newspaper: Middlesex Chronicle
County: London, England
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THE BRETTON WOODS PROPOSALS Chamber of Commerce Seek More Information Alarmed by statements made by Mr. Antony ..

... troops during their stay in Hounslow. Following a visit to the secretary of the Chamber by the Officer Commanding the Civil Re-settlement Unit at Kneller Hall, where ex-prisoners of war are prepared for re-entry into civilian life* it was agreed to form a ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1945
Newspaper: Middlesex Chronicle
County: London, England
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Personal Visits

... relatives about special diets to supplement vitamin deficiency. All repatriated prisoners will be eligible to attend a Civil Resettlement Unit —there is one at Peover Hall, near Knutsford, catering mainly for men from the North - west area —where they can learn ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1945
Newspaper: Manchester Evening News
County: Lancashire, England
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... LIFE ANEW PEOVLR HALL RE-SETTLEMENT UNIT (By a Chronicle Reporter.) Former headquarters of General Patton. U.S Army, Peover Had. near Knulsford, the ancestral home of the nwaring family, has been opened as Cigil Resettlement Unit for ex-prisoners of war ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1945
Newspaper: Chester Chronicle
County: Cheshire, England
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Sunderland off fruit map For some time traders in Sunderland and District have been complaining that the town ..

... Officially known as Civil Resettlement Unit, No. 6, nothing more unlike Service conditions in general or the forbidding atmosphere of Stalag, which particular its purpose is to erase from men's minds, could be imagined. Through this unit, and others like ...

Published: Wednesday 18 July 1945
Newspaper: Newcastle Evening Chronicle
County: Northumberland, England
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Marriage of Miss Evelyn Townsley Miss Evelyn To wnsle lyounger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Townsley, ..

... Regiment IFLA in the 3rd British Infantry Division when they invaded France on D Day and is now on the staff of a Civil I Resettlement Unit stationed at Hatfield. Prior to enlistment he was a student at the University College of North Wales. The bride. ...

Published: Friday 27 July 1945
Newspaper: Hampshire Telegraph
County: Hampshire, England
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