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... the Commanding Officer, and the curriculum accords with the type of unit. Thus, gunners would probably do extra mathematics, sappers would probably do extra engineering, infantry units would probably go from map-reading to geography and from message- writing ...

Published: Saturday 02 January 1943
Newspaper: The Sphere
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 1776 | Page: 28 | Tags: Illustrations 

WAY OF THE WAR: Far Eastern Problems

... Germans. It seems that the Amer an units may operate under the separate comn nd of their own officers. Lie r. -General Arnold learned to fly with the V light brothers, he holds the second pilot' ertificate granted in the United States, and I has the longest ...


... sets about organising his resources. Civil construction engineers dig pits and slit trenches Air-raid drills are made com- pulsory. A special J apanes envoy, on his way to Washing ton, is welcomed with a sceptics civility. But the defence plans continue. ...

Way of the War: Soviet Russia's Turn

... materials that he cannot hope to keep pace with the eventual output of Britain and the United States. Hess may have known how this was worrying Hitler. If the United States is entering the war then Hitler must get Russia on his side by bomb or bombast ...

Post War: What Will Be Our Way of Life in England?

... control over 80 per cent of all the manufacturing industries in the United States. Wall Street has even entered the field of farming on the mass-production basis. If a man gets up in the United States Senate and begins to call attention to all that, every gun ...

Published: Sunday 01 April 1945
Newspaper: Britannia and Eve
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 2016 | Page: 15, 58, 60 | Tags: Illustrations 


... beyond the reach of anti aircraft guns. It seems a purely military triumph. But look at it beyond the war fog, and one sees civil aviation taking a post-war spurt through big machines capable of flying in the stratosphere or sub-strato sphere, cutting time ...


... position of General Eisenhower is not affected by the recent reverse. He has done Director of Civil Affairs Major-General S. W. Kirby I O.B.E. M.C., is Director of Civil Affairs. His job is the military administration of liberated territories and occupied countries ...

Way of the War: Battle of the Islands

... a large number of isolated and scattered island bases and, even if aerodromes were available, to disperse among them small units of the total available Fighter Force, would appear to be bad strategy. Each of such little forces would have to be supplied ...

WAY OF THE WAR: Spring Offensive

... to the British memorandum. United States policy is set by the rigid principles of Mr. Cordell Hull, who detests anything which appears to lack consistency. Great Britain is in different relations with Russia than the United States. She can recognise Russia's ...

Donts for Diplomats

... lobbies of the Big Business interests were bribing our Legislature with the fact that we had some 13,000,000 negroes in the United States, living, in some Southern States, in a state of degradation not much worse than Hitler would have wanted for them we ...

Published: Wednesday 01 March 1944
Newspaper: Britannia and Eve
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 2207 | Page: 18, 56 | Tags: Illustrations 

FANTASY IN YELLOW: A Vivid Description of Japan's Dreams, Aims and Plans

... the Yangtze River valley, and Canton and its hinterland, thereby effectually controlling China, a geographi cal unit the size of the United States and containing a fourth of the world's popula tion. Fourth, annex Indo-China, which the French, at loggerheads ...

Published: Wednesday 01 October 1941
Newspaper: Britannia and Eve
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 3157 | Page: 8, 9, 65, 66, 67 | Tags: Illustrations 

Way of the War: Germany, What Next?

... By Foresight Germany, What Next? AS the United States swing majestically into line with the British Empire and Allied Forces we find ourselves asking what is to be the next move by the enemy. So far there has been little evidence to suggest that the ...