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Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News

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... FRENCH DERBY WINNER 1 BEATEN: Lord Milford's Challenge E. Smith up), on the right, beating Cillas, the French Derby winner, and A Tout Change in the Kingsclere Plate. D. Smith had to b ...

Rapier on Racing: With the Jumpers Again; News of Old Friends-French Racing Successes in 1939-- Was Blue Peter ..

... Kapier on Kacing With the Jumpers Again News of Old Friends- French Racing Successes in 1939 Was Blue Peter truly the Horse of the Century STABLE doors are creaking and so are a few ancient bones-- eq ...

First War-Time Fencing Match

... First War-Time I Fencing Match FENCING history was made last Saturday at the old Salle Grave in Kensington, when the first war time match, initiated and carried out by Grave's, was fought eight a side ...