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... OTIIIM CASES Charged Mitt bigamy at Nave on May palsy *OWlin 1111) was bound emi. Victor Grattan, whim she marldod. - *Kb aldinh and &battlele her it the °genes, was d is h lick I). Comae' bsid that the WIIOW, was really Ring—that being Mt name—and It ...

Published: Thursday 09 December 1943
Newspaper: West Sussex Gazette
County: Sussex, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 786 | Page: 7 | Tags: none


... reasonable. Call or write 14, Chiltern-cres., Durrington. GO to John Perring if you wish to sell your reproduction and modern secondhand furniture. Best possible prices paid for good quality pieces. John Perring. Ltd.. Chapel-rd.. Worthing. Phone 66. GOLF Clubs ...

Published: Wednesday 25 October 1944
Newspaper: Worthing Gazette
County: Sussex, England
Type: Article | Words: 5013 | Page: 7 | Tags: none

ii , THC WHITSTAiiS TIMES AMD TANKKRTON fRISS, SATURDAY, OCtMU 19H». You turn «fj ■.. - * Nftti^©S ,, TOO

... day, 24th Oct. for Days Doors Open 140 of arms made impossible. Only Should a xvihole day’s help be was the old old story about to Matches for Saturday, October driven by ChirlS M JKw M Dane Janls Zachary such arms as were required for impossible, then the ...


... items.— A 4ft. 61n. Settee in fawn velour, sprung arms and seat and spr'ing cushions, £23. Mahogany Writing Bureau, £l4. Modern Oak Hallstand. £lO 7s. 6d. 4ft. Solid Oak Kneehole Writing Desk, £23. Hide Arm Chair. £7 10s. Feather bed. 1°»- Mah ...

, . _ PRAMS ana Kepa.rea, • following meetings Fsr- oibton't Oarage. Holly Bank. v Discussion Groups will read. ..

... Shalmsford Street, at *u ' i/. extra postage Send' stamp aiclock. Subject : Mechanised for bargain list. —City Wardrobe Dealers .-arming.” Mr. R. Montgomery. Ltd. (Dept. AHB). 36b. Derby-street. FRIDAY. MARCH 2nd —The Teyn- ° _ , . ™»tr(rr * INTER-COM. Telephone ...

Published: Friday 23 February 1945
Newspaper: Kent & Sussex Courier
County: Kent, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 3907 | Page: 7 | Tags: none


... . I • **—A- ■ ■ day Tf rannot be for W ‘Mfe' . fe .. . John Deiek, who iriPt Bogart S'lttrfict tho miblic th i Humphrey Bogart while he was training as a regard to educating the Yoiu’s He.. -John Stones. M Paratrooper in the Colorado Desert. Bogart was ...

Published: Thursday 10 November 1949
Newspaper: Portsmouth Evening News
County: Hampshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 2543 | Page: 3 | Tags: none


... vou can get. Rina up u £ nearest branch. Deal with a Arm which always pays. C.9345 TWO Milch Goats. 5.R..: also B.A. tvpe Goatlings. F. 8.: pedigree Toggen* burg Buckling, from gallon milker Grattan. Benenden. Kent. , „ . PIGS.—The Rowden Herd of Pedigree ...

Irish Sea Minefield

... Another D.S.C. posted missing Is LL-Cmdr. J. Buckley. of the Fleet SIR KINGSLEY WOOD, Chancellor of the Exchequer, sub. Air Arm. who received the award early I this month for daring, endurance and milted his supplementary Budget in the House of Commons ...

Published: Friday 26 July 1940
Newspaper: Hampshire Telegraph
County: Hampshire, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 8930 | Page: 7, 8 | Tags: none


... married couple, houseman and cook, 'Phone Rudgwick eO. ply to Matron. for easily run house, newly decor- FOR SALE, jumper cardigan JUNIOR clerk required for Hor -' ated; ex-Serviceman who can drive (gold), never worn.—Apply Batsham Hospital, must be able ...

Published: Friday 25 April 1947
Newspaper: West Sussex County Times
County: Sussex, England
Type: Article | Words: 2514 | Page: 5 | Tags: none


... GROCERS, IRONMONGERS. Wholesale from MODENE CO., London, N.W.3. L.79 FOR SALE, a medium size Steam Boiler.—Apply John Brown's Dairies. 87a. St. John’s-road. Tun. Wells. SELF-PROPELLED Invalid Chair, good condition. Seen at 51, Hillingdon Avenue, Sevenoaks. ...

IN MEMORIAM. ELLINOR. —In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed on 6th ■ February, 1940. Also of Dad,

... Lieut. William John Pearce, R.N.R., who died 1 through war operations. February 7th, 1941, aged 59 years.—Dearly 1 loved, so sadlv missed, bv his loving ] Wife. PEARCE.—A tribute of love and remembrance of our dear father, ] Lieut. William John Pearce, R.N ...

Published: Friday 06 February 1942
Newspaper: Dover Express
County: Kent, England
Type: FamilyNotice | Words: 665 | Page: 1 | Tags: none

Worthing Boys Do Well

... Normandy-rd. ARTHUR MEE'S Children a Enclyclopedia for Christmas ; limited orders can oe accepted now ; sole distribution.— John Clark, 5, Heatherstone-rd.. Worthing. BUN Christmas toys now—Good 'election forts. guns, soldiers, planes, etc.— Call 2-7, ...

Published: Wednesday 01 November 1944
Newspaper: Worthing Gazette
County: Sussex, England
Type: Article | Words: 4606 | Page: 7 | Tags: none