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September 1940
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London, London, England



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Uncle Sam Girds his Loins: An insight into the Armament Problems that beset the U.S.A

... Flagship of the United States Navy. The U.S.S. Pennsylvania. The Americans are now increasing the Navy personnel by 39,630 and in 1947 will have twenty- five battleships against the present fifteen Speeding up armament equipment to make the United States ag ...

THE WAY OF THE WAR: Roman Princes and Mussolini

... script soldiers, however, not unnaturally have only one desire and that is to get home to France, but the young officers and civil servants who have not their eyes on pensions think otherwise. The Vichy Government can do nothing to finance the colonies. ...

Published: Wednesday 25 September 1940
Newspaper: The Tatler
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 2591 | Page: 4, 5, 32 | Tags: Illustrations  Photographs