MADAGASCAR Var Planning Public opinion in this country and among the United Nations generally will warmly ..

... MADAGASCAR Var Planning Public opinion in this country and among the United Nations generally will warmly approve the action of the British Government in Madagascar . It may , and probably will , mean a worsening of our relations with Vichy , but we had ...

Published: Wednesday 06 May 1942
Newspaper: The Scotsman
County: Midlothian, Scotland
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... fair to both sides. For example, the Atlantic Charter was drawn up and accepted for guidance in the future work of the re-settlement of Europe and of the world after the peace. Now, that Charter embodies certain quite precise principles for the international ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: Norwood News
County: London, England
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... a rnon..o whim occurred es-tinily at The Sbantroek Cnited - cane - vie Regretted Death.•— lt with fee!.: his oauglitcr resettles, at Isalisgatile. (lob Rita a eronouneed stsce-s ite• II: th e 1110,1 engee• ie. :legn, rear - 10A in his native (own ...

Published: Saturday 02 May 1942
Newspaper: Sligo Champion
County: Sligo, Republic of Ireland
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... ns the guest of his friend, Arcnbishop Eidcm of Upsala. carries greetings from churchmen of all denominations. medium-sized United States merchant ship has been torpedoed the Gulf of Mexico, the Navy Department announced yesterday. Survivors were landed ...

Published: Friday 15 May 1942
Newspaper: Liverpool Daily Post
County: Lancashire, England
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4 Irish Independent, Tuesday, May 5, 1942. Change in Cup B _ Distillery First Into Conditions LATE NEWS LADIES' ..

... even without the inter- from the spot-kick. The Dublin team to play Longford on Great Britain or the United league back. Sanaghan, had few gaps. Cork United-Foley; Hooks, Duffy: Sunday, at Muliingar, is:- C. Kelly (P. Mackensl J. Murphy (C. and the wing halves ...

Published: Tuesday 05 May 1942
Newspaper: Irish Independent
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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... organisation distributing propaganda bills throughout the whole village. Next was held a meeting of representatives of the Civil Defence units to arrange a church parade, followed by the final meeting of whist drive committee. Ministry of Information films were ...

Published: Saturday 23 May 1942
Newspaper: Falkirk Herald
County: Stirlingshire, Scotland
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... post.) Tote-5/9. Places. Referee-G. Kelly (Civil Service), J. • 13 5 e Shell Union Oil 11 11 Oxalis. Trained F Darling. 11; 31. Tote-- 29. 3/9. 3,3. Dublin M.H. semi-final-At Croke Park- McKECHNIE 32 13 16 United Aircraft 5/- Places. 3/-. 2/6. 3,3 3.10 (3-y ...

Published: Monday 04 May 1942
Newspaper: Irish Independent
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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... would '>e restored to French sovereignty “They further stated that if members of the civil and military organizations declared their intention to co-operate with the United Nations their salaries and pensions would be provided from funds to be made available ...

Published: Friday 08 May 1942
Newspaper: Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail
County: Durham, England
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... show was cancelled, not through any fault of the mobile tine unit, or of the Committee, but owing to military exigencies. Neither weather. failure to get films, mechanical failure In the unit, nor in transport caused a moment's delay in any of the shows ...

Published: Saturday 23 May 1942
Newspaper: Portadown News
County: Armagh, Northern Ireland
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Formidable Force

... members of Margate Civil Defence services are forming themselves into a second-line Home Guard unit. Cant. F. G. Wenham explained that members who joined the Home Guard would not have to do ordinary duties while they carried on their Civil Defence work, but ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: Thanet Advertiser
County: Kent, England
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... evident. From one area comes a statement that Civil Defence personnel going on Home Guard instructional courses as distinct from full enrolment in the Home Guard —have been told that they must not wear their Civil Defence battledress. A Ministry of Home Security ...

Published: Saturday 30 May 1942
Newspaper: Hull Daily Mail
County: Yorkshire, England
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... FILM SHOW FOR CIVIL DEFENCE. Belief in an Allied victory in 1942 wks expressed Duncan, Kirkintilloch. when he spoke a Civil Defence film show In the Black Bull Cinema on Sunday evening* The Provost, who was thanking mentbtrs the various Civil Defence or ...

Published: Wednesday 06 May 1942
Newspaper: Kirkintilloch Herald
County: Dunbartonshire, Scotland
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