The Birmiegh am

... population of 33,300,000 between the ages of fourteen and sixty-five, 22,000,000 persons were now employed in the armed Forces, Civil Defence and industry. Mr. Tom Smith (Lab. —Nor- who opened the debate, said the Essential Work Orders had conferred substantial ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Post
County: Warwickshire, England
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... Probation of Offenders’ Act on payment of 4s costs, and hoped that when the police spoke to him In the future he would more civil to them. Newcomers At The Avenue Ncsco, newcomers to the Northumberland War-time Cricket Competition, are visitors to Preston ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: Shields Daily News
County: Northumberland, England
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Stay-At-Home Holidays For Penge Workers

... market transaction. 'April to August of last year he covered that the box contained Rose said that he had been in!was with his unit in Wales and had live hand grenades and stick, hospital as a result of a war in -.not had leave during that time. bombs with ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: Norwood News
County: London, England
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... than we have had before. and I suggest that the present organiaat' which is enabled to take a view of all units by aad large, and knows the units which are most in need of theme comforts, is better able to judge than the local people who are 'good enough ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: South Wales Gazette
County: Monmouthshire, Wales
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... are some ' h Y„f, PC? ns mk 3 allocation her production among interesting alternative proposals. You alay . take .° , the United Nations but it is one which is that a federation of Sm * a P° ra ’° rth ~w hc le now necessary to have .to con- associations ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: Western Mail
County: Glamorgan, Wales
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Alt Id lit..

... take advantage of the opportunities afforded. They want you all to come in, and from June 1 to 6 all these organisations are uniting in recruiting drive and will inaugurate company of the National Association of Girls* Training Corps. [By DIARIST.] More ...


... £250 per annum. Preference will be given to applicants who have had administrative and organising experience, preferably in a Civil Defence Organisation and a knowledge of the Fire Prevention (Business Premises) (No. 2) Order, 1941, will bo an advantage. ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: Shepton Mallet Journal
County: Somerset, England
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Formidable Force

... members of Margate Civil Defence services are forming themselves into a second-line Home Guard unit. Cant. F. G. Wenham explained that members who joined the Home Guard would not have to do ordinary duties while they carried on their Civil Defence work, but ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: Thanet Advertiser
County: Kent, England
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... !Al BOOK DEBIT An officer of defendant's unit said Mender had been in the Army since 1939 and his record was not satisfactory from a military point of view. He had done his best with Mender who seemed to have the best intentions but not the strength of ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: West Sussex County Times
County: Sussex, England
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4. A DEVOTED PUBLIC SERVANT Mr W. NI. W. Wilson, Uphail CHILD'S NARROW ESCAPE Dispatch Rider's Timely Act . An

... and that several after a connection of 43 Scam t'ivihaus hail become baetialtiee. Tire with the shale-oil industry. A of units del their work very ast- ute Manse, Mr Wilson was horn at ht. quivox. Ave. on sth September, STOLEN. THEN ABANDON- -11172-Ito ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: West Lothian Courier
County: West Lothian, Scotland
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... who are playing a part in this war. Some were in Boma Geard hattlevlrear, some in uniform, and many in the navy blue of the Civil Defence Ser. rites. Ameruian Marina! in full dress and men of the Societe dee A.neitom Oirthattante Francais marching in the ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: West London Observer
County: London, England
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... handbooks, costing £4B-12b.. are being purchased bv the Kestevcn authority lor distribution Fire Guard personnel and to each Civil Defence depot and wardens post. result of the noveltv aance at the Church-house on Mav 7tn. organised the Olympian Dance Band ...

Published: Friday 22 May 1942
Newspaper: Grantham Journal
County: Lincolnshire, England
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