... thanking them for their services. In football match at West bury between the local unit and the Warminster unit, the Warminster side were beaten by 4 after a hard game. The unit still has vacancies in the instrument repairers’ class, and parents of boys wishing ...

rtsfitm &Di4i rid

... people, eager to learn what is expected of the civil population in the event of invaslon, assembled In Petersileld Town Hall on Tuesday Light and heard speeches by Capt. Jerviss. (Technical Adviser on Civil Defence for the County). Mrs. Judd (A as istan ...

Published: Friday 18 September 1942
Newspaper: Hampshire Telegraph
County: Hampshire, England
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Under the relentless pressure of the Eighth Army, folio wing the failure of his initial drive for C airo, Rommel

... Hitler's obedient servitors in civil life. In face of these things. Dr Goebbels dare not predict •victory—only “final victory AXIS CLAIMS To-dav’s Italian communique claimed: In Egypt encounters between armoured units resulted in our favour. The enemy ...

Published: Friday 04 September 1942
Newspaper: Newcastle Evening Chronicle
County: Northumberland, England
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... Lindgren to be Deputy Regional Commissioner for Civil Defence in the Midland region in succession Air. George Archibald, who has resigned in order to take the post of director of British film services in the United States of America. Mr. Lindgren, an alderman ...

Published: Saturday 12 September 1942
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Post
County: Warwickshire, England
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Allied Youth Must Also Win The Peace

... lot aside your guns at the notes while civilization burns end of the War vou cannot at the •* are deeply aware that we same time lav aside your duly to the cannot achieve our goals early, but future of the United Nations have the ' There is complete unanimity ...

Published: Friday 04 September 1942
Newspaper: Northern Whig
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
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“Basic Data”

... Volunteers There is no compulsory service ■in India, but upwards of ] ,000,000 Indians have volunteered to serve the cause of the United Nations in this world struggle. The bravery of the Indian troops has been distinguished in many theatres of war, and it is ...

Published: Friday 11 September 1942
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Post
County: Warwickshire, England
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... from top to bottom, is determined that they shall. And this united front will be wanted after the war. Unless we get this united front among ourselves, unless we make certain that we have a united front in all classes and interests, we shall not be able ...


... interpret it as the promise of future backing if necessary.—Reuter and British United Press. A strong demand for Pakistan —separate Moslem states —and a denunciation of the civil disobedience movement in India were the features of a statement made by Mr. ...

Published: Monday 14 September 1942
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Gazette
County: Warwickshire, England
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Race For Supremacy In

... called upon to help with Civil Defence duties local authorities must make fullest use of other man-power resources so that military training is not unduly interfered with. Stating this, the War Officeexplaining the new Civil Defence duties which Home ...

Published: Monday 28 September 1942
Newspaper: Daily Record
County: Lanarkshire, Scotland
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' 4 Irish Independent, Friday, September 11, 1942. SECTION A , LATEST LONDO: No N.H. Racing : Offer • BRITISH

... Rentenmark -Baden's Lady. 00() Caudillo (Dines) 3. 7-2 Yesperlon (Payne), 3. 7-2 W Durr Macon (19 3 21 b mare by Roldore- units hardened to SW-, while Store 40 Winces (Sadler) 3 7-2 'veered by Walvis Bay. Mr. E. Wright. Harold's Cross Park last night ...

Published: Friday 11 September 1942
Newspaper: Irish Independent
County: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
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... ;n our o time—Dunkirk? What | ♦ |surface craft and submarines greatest embarrassment wmuid have_ u the sea Guard and Civil Defence Units BREAD TO BS DEftRERi EARLY PEACE « church, the Bishop said that m«3y trlct York Street and Shore INURE \SE BELIEF ...

Published: Monday 21 September 1942
Newspaper: Belfast News-Letter
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
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• r. • FlutiAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 194; Pavilion GOUROOL TELEPHONE •No: SUNDAY FIRST-6th SEPTEMBER, 7 p.m. 441.1 U( ..

... of conimunication.—Mr Ernest Kevin. The United Nations are Rohn: to win the war. When victory is achieved it is the nurpose •of the Government of the United States. as'l know it is that of each of th, United Nations, to make approp, '- ate use of the ...

Published: Friday 04 September 1942
Newspaper: Port-Glasgow Express
County: Renfrewshire, Scotland
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