... Walter said that the Tribunals were open for applications by members of the Forces . Women ' s Auxiliary Services , civilians , Civil Defence organisations , and the Merchant Navy . ' Both lascars and Chinese had the right o £ appeal . Asked whether he could ...

Published: Tuesday 01 June 1943
Newspaper: The Scotsman
County: Midlothian, Scotland
Type: Article | Words: 1706 | Page: 4 | Tags: none


... (Faber, 21s.). For these alone, and the escape they afford, I would commend it; but, in addition, there is the story of-a busy civil servant's career, embracing work against tropical disease in the Board of Trade Marine Department, collaboration with Sir William ...

Livestock Situation

... estimated that five or six years would be required to restore pre-war levels. Fortunately, there is a disposition among the United Nations to meet the problem on a concerted basis,” he added, and conversations looking toward the establishment of a relief ...

Published: Tuesday 01 June 1943
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Post
County: Warwickshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 420 | Page: 3 | Tags: none


... issue. Mr. Fadden and Mr. Hughes for the United Country Party and the United Australia Party respectively begin their manifesto by affirming loyalty to the Throne and Empire, and in regard to the future of.civil aviation say“We desire removal of international ...

Published: Tuesday 01 June 1943
Newspaper: Newcastle Journal
County: Northumberland, England
Type: Article | Words: 294 | Page: 4 | Tags: none

Bevised Prices

... and WATERPROOFS. whole o{ Ireland what ca]led R. A. CUNNINGHAM, f ^° PLACE, E,re ■ other words, Ulster to be tom from the United DERRY AND RAPHOE Kingdom and incorporated in an MOTHERS’ UNION. Irish Republic. What is this freedom Mr. De Valera offers ...

Published: Tuesday 01 June 1943
Newspaper: Londonderry Sentinel
County: Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Type: Article | Words: 1198 | Page: 2 | Tags: none

TJ.S. at Truce End Faces Another Coal Crisis

... his mother, and Edward Petiey, the old doctor who returned to London for tha bombing. And as what she herself described as a civil servant’s moll Betty Ann Davies gave a shattering performance. ALAN BENDLE. Manchester Palace Compering an excellent show ...

Published: Tuesday 01 June 1943
Newspaper: Manchester Evening News
County: Lancashire, England
Type: Article | Words: 922 | Page: 8 | Tags: none

Tuesday, June 1. 1943 Post-war Britain will lack planes I'ODAV Britain leads the world In the construction of ..

... •Hid the civil transport plane becomes the vital link Wallace has warned his countrybelween nation and nation- alist air Hritain will have to buy, beg or jt has been urged that. borrow aeroplanes. after the war, American avia- She will need civil aeroplanes ...

Published: Tuesday 01 June 1943
Newspaper: Daily Mirror
County: London, England
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Speed and the Future

... Allies on the question of civil aviation we mierht well sowinpr the seeds of future wars. If we were not to repeat mistakes after the last war there must an air police force of the world capable of cnforclnir the decisions of the United Nations or Council of ...

Published: Tuesday 01 June 1943
Newspaper: Portsmouth Evening News
County: Hampshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 155 | Page: 8 | Tags: none


... the' regular army in 1930, and served for three years in India, where he saw service on the North-West Frontier, 1936-1937 In civil life he was employed as a gardener with Mr and Mrs Dixon, Ledcameroch, Dunblane. Pte. James Bean. Previously reported missing ...

Published: Tuesday 01 June 1943
Newspaper: Stirling Observer
County: Stirlingshire, Scotland
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... Ifmrral 20 Broad Street, Aberdeen Phone 4770 (6 Lines) TUESDAY. JUNE 1, 1943 QUITE a large number of people, especially in the United States, have come believe that food is likely to be one of the main pillars of civilisation during the transitional period ...

Published: Tuesday 01 June 1943
Newspaper: Aberdeen Press and Journal
County: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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EDINBURGH (I . iv.l B:c 3 »!0. Waver.iy. Sutherluird. 3. P.caiay I. irURNISHED and ■ -r.xun. 1 J mf fitaiiou

... ■ Rcqui fd n« * ‘»ig •. about lUs accord *’'iiions. Write Box M DbU. •d; pcrmaner also exptil Manage to qua 1.11 (Lady o: Unit* Wbolt- I c., . it.-y Goods, o-uav week- i-Is. essauiat. Write. cu-.. Box S 317 Chro-mc.e. , , '■pEMPOKAHY Ildp ...

Published: Tuesday 01 June 1943
Newspaper: Newcastle Evening Chronicle
County: Northumberland, England
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... and Mrs. E. W. Salt, 31, Hunters-road, Whiteby, Belper, that their son, Trooper G. H. Salt (20), serving with tank delivery unit in North Africa, was wounded on April 26, and is now in hospital. After attending the Pottery Boys' School, Belper, Trooper ...

Published: Tuesday 01 June 1943
Newspaper: Derby Daily Telegraph
County: Derbyshire, England
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