To‘vmen:Mirts: Howker. Harvest Festival

... Ashcroft. Gents : Mr. Wbedbum. Tournaments were also held each evening. United Service. • Man and his Maker was the theme of an inspiring address given by the Rev. R. Evans Pugh at a united service held in the Congregational Church on Wednesday evening. Messrs ...

Published: Friday 01 October 1943
Newspaper: Nelson Leader
County: Lancashire, England
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Special for Miners Only

... EXCEPT:- (i) persons who have applied to the Councils above-mentioned for registration under a registration notice under the Civil Defence Duties • (Compulsory Enrolment) Order, 11142; perwonx who are expinoted front yogiAtration by .reason of belonging ...

Published: Friday 01 October 1943
Newspaper: Glamorgan Gazette
County: Mid Glamorgan, Wales
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... and the Bristol Children’s Hospital. FOR SERVICES’ GIFT FUND. A whist drive and dance in aid of the Cheddar British Legion’s United Services Gift Fund, in the Church House on Wednesday week, raised £2O 13s. Mr. C. H. A. Dally (Branch hon. secretary) was ...

Published: Friday 01 October 1943
Newspaper: Wells Journal
County: Somerset, England
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Vehicle Under Repair

... construed as being used for Civil Defence purposes, since it was to pick up spare parts for C..D. vehicles. The petrol Gurdin got on unit coupons from the Regional Office was for his ordinary Corporation duties apart from Civil ■Defence. The Town Clerk contended ...

Published: Friday 01 October 1943
Newspaper: Surrey Mirror
County: Surrey, England
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... ons who have Blied to the Council of the Urbai istrict of Staveley for registra tion under a registration notid under the Civil Defence Dutic, (Compulsory Enrolment) Order 1942; (li) persons who are exempted fronr registration by reason of belong to a ...


... laid down In Home Security Circular 107/1943, dated the 16th June, 1943. deaUng with the wearing of Civil Defence uniforms, all personnel whom Civil Defence uniforms have been issued without the surrender of clothing coupons should have their attention ...


... Common to Berkswell Reading Room, accompanied by the Balsall Unit of the G.T.C. The parade was led the Band of the Flight. On arrival at the Reading Room the parade was Joined by Civil Defence Units from Balsall and Bcrkswell districts, including the First ...


... the first to land in North Africa and saw plenty of action with the Royal Artillery until being transferred to his brother’s unit in the Royal Engineers. The company has been employed on advance base work such as camps and hospitals. As woodworkers, they ...

Published: Friday 01 October 1943
Newspaper: Thanet Advertiser
County: Kent, England
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... men, were brutally murdered. There is a mistaken belief that Hitler had either very little or no hand at all in the Spanish civil war. There is ample evidence to the contrary. The Nazis share the responsibility for the rebel rising. The Nazis encouraged ...

Published: Friday 01 October 1943
Newspaper: Clitheroe Advertiser and Times
County: Lancashire, England
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... bv a united service in the parish cnurcb. conducted the Rev. G. L. Bennett, and the lessons were read the Rev. f. Sorrell and Warden H, Whitmore, representing the Green and Chapel-street Methodist churches respectively Over JOO Home Guard and Civil Defence ...

Published: Friday 01 October 1943
Newspaper: Grantham Journal
County: Lincolnshire, England
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... it seemed to him that many of these controls would stay when the war was forgotten. In connection with the resettlement of ex- Servicemen in civil life, he sincerely hoped and believed that the Government would take a much firmer line than did our leaders ...

Published: Friday 01 October 1943
Newspaper: Exeter and Plymouth Gazette
County: Devon, England
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... J. M. Tilley, wafe too indisposed to take part in the civic parade to Buckingham Parish Church for the Battle of Britain united service on Sunday afternoon. The Deoutv- Mayor (Alderman A. E. Busby). Town Council. Home Guard, and representatives of all ...

Published: Friday 01 October 1943
Newspaper: Northampton Mercury
County: Northamptonshire, England
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