The Royal Visit

... quickly. The Ilkiey Unit From Our Own Correspondent The headquarters of the Civil Resettlement Unit are at the Middelton Hotel. Ilkley, and the unit Is expected to receive 60 men a week with a maximum strength of 240. This will be the only ...


... the day seeing how the work was done. They were three released prisoners of war. and visited the Exchange from the Civil Re-settlement Unit Cirencester, the idea being that men who had been prisoners for long time might need some reeducation the ways of ...

Published: Wednesday 08 August 1945
Newspaper: Western Daily Press
County: Bristol, England
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,'The Coldest Spot

... Forces built and used as an American Red Cross Hospital, The camp was recently taken over the British for use as a Civil Resettlement Unit, as described in the - *' Five Press •i* ;t week. The huts extend almost to the residence which is used to accommodate ...

Published: Thursday 27 December 1945
Newspaper: Suffolk and Essex Free Press
County: Suffolk, England
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Half-Way House Down Civvy-St

... are Merseysiders, and all are repatriates who have spent long periods in German prison camps and are now in No. 2 Civil Resettlement Unit. The halfway house which is their headquarters is Peover Hall —Elizabethan and 19th Century Cheshire country mansion ...

Published: Friday 24 August 1945
Newspaper: Liverpool Evening Express
County: Lancashire, England
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A. They will hung in the Council Ghairtber at the Town Hall m the meantime. President Thoo. Whiteside presided. ..

... M'Cutchcon, J.P.. presided, and Major Lindsay ca'’ vivid account of the work done- for returned prisoners war the Civil Resettlement Unit in St. Patrick s Barracks, Ballymena. WHIST DRIVE WINNERS. Seventy sis tables were occupied at the recent whist drive ...

Published: Friday 26 October 1945
Newspaper: Ballymena Observer
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
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... CLOSING NEXT MONTH. !gr.—The Civil Resettlement Unit at Pt. Patrick's Itarracka, lallyinena. will be closing early next month. Mane It wee opened oh August 3 man 300 repatriated prisoner& of war, wham homes are In Northern Ireland. here voluntarily taken ...

Published: Wednesday 31 October 1945
Newspaper: Belfast Telegraph
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
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TO-DAY'S RADIO HOME (342.1m.).—3 The Passing the Regiments (Band of Ist Welch Regiment).—3.3o: Opera at Home ..

... Friday Discussion (White Bread or Brown ?).—8 : Frank Wclr and Orchestra.—B.3o : Stalag to Civvy Street (story of Civil Resettlement Unit) —9: Big Ben (Silent Minute); News.— : To-night's Talk.- 9.30: These Passing Shows.—lo : Consuelo '' (from story ...

Published: Friday 05 October 1945
Newspaper: Essex Newsman
County: Essex, England
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... CIVIL RESETTLEMENT Sir—The Civil Resettlement Unit at St Patrick’s Barracks, Ballymena, will be closing early next month. Since it was opened on August 2, some 200 repatirated prisoners ot war. whose homes are in Northern Ireland, have ...

Published: Wednesday 31 October 1945
Newspaper: Belfast News-Letter
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
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Object of the Units

... about domestic affairs, housing, their future careers and on. which it-is our job overcome if can. The staff at each Civil Resettlement Unit therefore includes not only doctor and a dental surgeon, but also an occupational officer, especially qualified to ...

Ex'P.o.W.s' Camp' Mayor's Appeal

... to civil life. In a letter to the Editor of the Telegraph, he says: May I, through your columns, draw the attention of the in- habitants to the fact that the military authorities have now opened a Civil Resettlement Unit at Sudbury. This ...

Published: Thursday 20 September 1945
Newspaper: Derby Daily Telegraph
County: Derbyshire, England
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... launched an important scheme for the social as well as physical rehabilitation of returned prisoners of war, and a Civil Resettlement Unit has been established at New Washington. | Here, on a site admirably j suited for the purpose, the vital task of guiding ...