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... motoring.—The summons was dismissed on poyment of costs. When Gnr. David Brown, R.A., a member of the staff of the Civil Resettlement Unit, Kneller Hall, Whitton. was charged at Brentford on Saturday with the unlawful possession of a roll of linoleum at ...

Published: Saturday 15 December 1945
Newspaper: Middlesex Chronicle
County: London, England
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... of a camp in Sudbury Park, recently used as an American hospital. Its official title is No. 14 Civil Resettlement Unit, and it is one of 20 such units which are being established in various parts of the country with the object of enabling ex-P.O.W ...

Published: Friday 02 November 1945
Newspaper: Derby Daily Telegraph
County: Derbyshire, England
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... Home Guard Riff# Club beat Harden two points. Score*: Lamberhunt 866; Harden 864. FROM ARMY TO CIVIL LIFE C-R.U.’S THE HALF-WAY HOUSE A Civil Resettlement Unit has opened its gates at Mabledon Park, Tonbridge, to repatriated prisoners war. and by the new ...

Published: Friday 21 December 1945
Newspaper: Kent & Sussex Courier
County: Kent, England
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... spoken word was too loud and too lengthy. F>OUGLAS CLEVERDON’S Stalag to Civvy Street,” a feature the work of the Civil Resettlement Unit, which aims at making the transition of ex-prisoners of war to civilian life less difficult than it might otherwise ...

Published: Monday 08 October 1945
Newspaper: Evening Despatch
County: Warwickshire, England
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SUFFOLK & ESSEX FREE PRESS. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20»h. »9ir> Uncle Geoff’s Children’s Corner GRAND XMAS ..

... previous production, Barnet’s Polly.’’ The Society allotted number of seats on Thursday night to re-pats ’’ from the Civil Resettlement Unit at Action. HOME GUARD TO BE DISBANDED The War Office announces that the Home Guard to be disbanded December 31st, ...

Published: Thursday 20 December 1945
Newspaper: Suffolk and Essex Free Press
County: Suffolk, England
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... agreed to write to the Ministry supuarting Mr. Holmes’s application. After hearino- a talk by Major W. Holden, of the Civil Re.settlement Unit at Lilford Hall, members enthusiastically agreed to do all they could to help ex-prisonersof-war to settle in civilian ...

Published: Friday 31 August 1945
Newspaper: Northampton Mercury
County: Northamptonshire, England
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Alcazar (Hounslow).—‘All the week: The Blue Bird,” early Shirley Temple film in which she leams lesson through ..

... approved by the County Council. Soldier Charged With Fraud—Pte J. W. Paxton (27) of the R.A.M.C.! stationed at the Civil Resettlement unit, Kneller Hall Whitton. was remanded in custody at Brentford on Saturday, charged with obtaining £3 from the Post Office ...

Published: Saturday 29 December 1945
Newspaper: Middlesex Chronicle
County: London, England
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... have been converting Wightwick Hall, near Wolverhampton, into a civil resettlement unit for British repatriated prisoners of war, the first of whom arrived there to-day. The M.O. of the unit is a Northfield doctor, who qualifield at Birmingham University ...

Published: Thursday 02 August 1945
Newspaper: Evening Despatch
County: Warwickshire, England
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... Aid And Advice For Ex-P.O A Wirralßesettlement Unit The problem of the resettlement of repatriated prisoners of war is being tackled thoroughly the Army authorities, and a special Civil Resettlement Unit has been established at Clatterbridge ...

Published: Wednesday 14 November 1945
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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The Royal Visit

... quickly. The Ilkiey Unit From Our Own Correspondent The headquarters of the Civil Resettlement Unit are at the Middelton Hotel. Ilkley, and the unit Is expected to receive 60 men a week with a maximum strength of 240. This will be the only ...