In this bit of baths history ALFRED S. MOORE goes back to the days when Belfast People Washed in Cromac

... also added Alderman John Byrne but the b a t h s to his tavern, 35 Chichester venture faded out with the finish of Street. The water was really Cromac the nineteenth century. Water derived from the artesian well which John Grattan, the chemist, had IMPS ...

Published: Wednesday 07 March 1945
Newspaper: Belfast Telegraph
County: Antrim, Northern Ireland
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Local & District News

... son of the late Mr. John Curtis, of Kings-road and he leaves a wife (the youngest daughter of the late Sheldrick and Mrs Sheldrick. Wingfleldroad) and son about seven yeare old. In civilian life he was. a ladies' hairdresser with John Isaacs, Half Moon-street ...

Published: Friday 16 March 1945
Newspaper: Western Gazette
County: Somerset, England
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... 167246 'TURNIPS for sale. Apply John Donnelly, Kilmurray, Delgany, Co. Wicklow. (P 1947.31 TURNIPS for sale—O'Brien. Agli. owle. Ashford. Co. Wicklow. (plqS9.n) T WO tons of well saved Porn Crop Flay for sale. Apply John 'O'Brien. Publican, Killerm, Co ...

Published: Saturday 03 March 1945
Newspaper: Wicklow People
County: Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
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... —Castle Inn, 15 Pally Ho A, 12; British Legion 2; Trevor Arms, B, 12; Rifleman Ini 1 A, 12; Blacksmiths Arms A, .0: Red, White and Blue B, Bell Inn Ladies 7; Crowi Shades B, 6; King's Arm ' 1. League 4. —Bell Inn A, 14 Vheatsheaf Inn, 12: King ...

Published: Friday 23 March 1945
Newspaper: Sussex Agricultural Express
County: Sussex, England
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... followed her from town t o se-, --- the lirt'ish Empire Cancer S r t a i g ht est Plo ug h e d Ri g D. Smith. Captain Archibald John Campbelltown. This is the sort of per- c a mpaign 1 en subsidising re- Best Decorated Horse :old Harness- Coiquhoun. Funeral ...

Published: Saturday 03 March 1945
Newspaper: Strathearn Herald
County: Perthshire, Scotland
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... Fund for the week ending March 10th, were as follows; N.F.S. 5. King’s Arms 3; Conservative Club 7. Brown’s 1; A.R.P. 2. Lord Roberts 6; Rose and Crown Blue Room 4, Gardeners’ Arms 4. The highest record individual score was 160 played by Mr. W. Freeman ...

Published: Friday 16 March 1945
Newspaper: Biggleswade Chronicle
County: Bedfordshire, England
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of Births, Engagements, Marriage?, At Homes. Deaths, In also Notices Thanks, are charged 2s. per line. They ..

... FLETCHER. —February 27, at -tc Methodist Church. SUsden. by the F. K. Shlmmln, assisted bv the Rev. S. Hadley. Flight Lieut. JOHN DOUGLAS KUP. A F.V.R.. only son of the Rev. and the late Mrs. Pickup. Bourne House, to .ALARY STARK lE. only daughter of and ...


... price. -1, Newling-way. High Sa:vingtori Swandean 340. GO to John Perring it you wish to sell your reproduction and modern secondhand furniture Best possible prices paid for good quality _pieces John Perring. Ltd, Chapel-rd. Worthing Phone 63 GENT.'S raincoat ...

Published: Wednesday 14 March 1945
Newspaper: Worthing Gazette
County: Sussex, England
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... -On all fronts on Sunday our troops disabled or 126 German tanks and shot down 117 •planes.—Reuter. S.II. A.E.F. Call German Arms Workers A special S.H.A.E.F. message armament workers the Frankfurt-am-Main and Mannheim- Ludwigshafen was broadcast last night ...


... these new-fangled instruments. With dramatic sweep of his arms he had just proclaimed that Scotland was going Liberal, Northumberland was going Liberal, “and is Lancashire, which produced John Bright, going to lag behind? Then he was about to drive the ...

Published: Tuesday 27 March 1945
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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4mi For BmUor

... Ley goes. Jeanne d'Arc and Montcalm have bombarded railway neaa Sordigheru, the Franco-Italian frontier, to bottle rip enemy armed train. The cruisers, says to-day's Allied communique, numerous hits on Bordlghera station. oaed bs the trato'sflrtog la the ...

Published: Monday 05 March 1945
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
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... ad O Boblnaon In DOUBU 2° ■»> •> 50 and 8.0. Bo* OtTtet dally 10 a.m. 8 pm. IrciJU. Cardigan Road 51765. a OWE MIOHT. Vara Lynn _ r?Bc; Bab 6 and ...

Published: Thursday 08 March 1945
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
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