Attlee Asked To Join In Stalin Talks PREMIER’S REASONS

... ~ . , sides—and the great importance whom Moscow sent special that ls % o lhc fleet of planes to transport Britain being united—l have inthem to the anniversary cele- viteri Mr Attlee to come with me. bration of the Soviet Academy ' In the last few ve ...

Published: Friday 15 June 1945
Newspaper: Daily Herald
County: London, England
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... troops ever massed against a single country” —iis being marshalled the Allies to fight against Japan. General Arnold, Chief the United States Army Air Force, announced to-day that 520 heavy bombers with fighter escort from bases in the Marianas, yesterday attacked ...

Published: Friday 15 June 1945
Newspaper: Newcastle Evening Chronicle
County: Northumberland, England
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Thank You

... Thank You Sir—May I venture through your paper to thank the Civil Defence and Home Guard units, also employees of firms who have kindly sent their surplus funds to the Alexandra .Musical Society for its work for the wounded sailors, soldiers, airmen, ...

Published: Friday 15 June 1945
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Gazette
County: Warwickshire, England
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... Association (South Midland District), will be held at Allen Park, Bedford, to-morrow (Saturday), beginning at 2 p.m. Local N.F.S. units and several fire brigades of Bedford factories will lake part. There will be five events, and two shields, silver challenge ...

The London Letter

... on view. In children's corner instruction will be blended with amusement for youngsters all ages. No More P.O.W.'s AT the Civil Settlement headquarters just set up at Hatfield House, Lord Salisbury's historic Hertfordshire home, for those liberated from ...

Published: Friday 15 June 1945
Newspaper: Aberdeen Press and Journal
County: Aberdeenshire, Scotland
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... Onnstcad-London Road. ’Bus Stop. Anglefleld Comer. INTERESTING SALE OP VALUABLE MACHINERY AND TOOLS Including Architectural. Civil Engineering and Mechanical Instruments, Zeiss and other Binoculars, Chemical and Photographic Apparatus, Pine 2-lnch Telescope ...

Published: Friday 15 June 1945
Newspaper: Kent & Sussex Courier
County: Kent, England
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IN THE QUEUE. Sir, —In the queue for the Labour party meeting in Dundee last night I could not fail

... faithfull>, E. Milburn. Glendhu. Luib, Perthshire, 9th June 1945. DUNDEE UNITED'S THANKS. Dear Sir.—Through the medium of your paper we desire to convey to the supporters of Dundee United our great appreciation of the support they have given to the chib during ...

Published: Friday 15 June 1945
Newspaper: Dundee Courier
County: Angus, Scotland
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... but circum*ta difficult. . , in | Speaking to press representati* . chapel on arrival at the camp, 1 said he was a judge in civil ,v chief of the second court-martialthus responsible for the camp. '' >i'' Outlining the conditions c-0 ,,c ,)i--camp was run ...

Published: Friday 15 June 1945
Newspaper: Dundee Courier
County: Angus, Scotland
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... Exeter, and John Perkins, skilled workman. Class 1. Exeter telephone area, have been awarded the Imperial Service Medal. Exeter Civil Service XI. beat Sidmouth by 118 for 8 (declared) to 101 (Maeer 431. Sidmouth's two wickets fell during the last over, the ...

Published: Friday 15 June 1945
Newspaper: Exeter and Plymouth Gazette
County: Devon, England
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... way of information and advice to men and women in need resettlement on account of their war service in the Armed Forces, in the civil defence services in industry. Situated centrally, the Resettlement Advice Office, which will be under the control Mr. A ...


... lying districts where there Re-settlement Advice office '-s! quirers should to the local office of the M' ni ® Le, Labour and National where every assistance given. It is hoped to be of service to all from the Force Civil Defence who require„ and every ...