MIGRATION IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE Views of Countries Concerned

... problem likely to arise on the cessation of hostilities in connection with the resettlement of members of the armed forces in civil life . On the latter aspect the United Kingdom Government have put forward proposals for a free passage scheme for ex-Service ...

Published: Friday 29 June 1945
Newspaper: The Scotsman
County: Midlothian, Scotland
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... Guilds Certificates ( EngineerinE ) Postmaster-General's Certificates ( Merchant Navy ) , Air ^ Ministry - ! Certificates ( Civil Aviation . ) Prospectus post Iree . Edinburgh Wireless College . 4 Torphichen Street . Edinburgh .- 5 . Telephone . 27557 ...

Published: Friday 29 June 1945
Newspaper: The Scotsman
County: Midlothian, Scotland
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... we have also a man well known to Scotland , although he did not win the Derby this year . ( Laughter . ) But ' he was Chief Civil Defence . Commissioner and , like Mr Tom Johnston , he has made a great many contacts throughout Scotland and is a great name ...

Published: Friday 29 June 1945
Newspaper: The Scotsman
County: Midlothian, Scotland
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... local government and its procedure. “The interpretation of central government decrees must not be left to the caprices of Civil Servants acting as liaison officers for the Government. - ’ A W.A.A.F. Band Cheers Holland the W.A.A.F A Central Voluntary ...

Published: Friday 29 June 1945
Newspaper: Manchester Evening News
County: Lancashire, England
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... Services; Indian Civil Service. Indian Police. Burma Civil Service (Class I). Burma Police iClass D. Burma Frontier Service. Vacancies accruing during the war the Indian Political Service will be filled from among candidates appointed the Indian Civil Service ...

the Editor

... Bank of England. where are the funds coming frain to finance all these concerns? I believe I am right in stating that the United States tried this out on their shipping industry at a loss of 670 million pounds. The French and Canadian railways, under ...

Published: Friday 29 June 1945
Newspaper: Worthing Herald
County: Sussex, England
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rpHE I meetin*

... is review, which was the report and acco previous 7-9. Hayes Mr. imet Since Mic in victory in teeling of tli; Forces ot the United look to \ict With the cessation , decrease war prod he luiidaniental national life and it at thi the company'*; tradinp. i ...

Published: Friday 29 June 1945
Newspaper: Western Mail
County: Glamorgan, Wales
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Education Costs

... mobilised with the Arbroath Territorial Army Unit of the Black Watch in 1939, and went to India in 1940. He was commissioned in the Indian Army the following year, and promoted Acting Major when 25 years of age. In civil life Major Gray was a member of the literary ...


... in the town’s history. The demise of the Home Guard, with its stand-down suppers for every unit, was a protracted and convivial proceeding, and last week the Civil Defence Services were disbanded to the elegant accompaniment of a summer garden party. It ...


... will remembem him playing football for Hungershall United before the outbreak of hostilities. He 28 yean of age. Ashford Urban Council have decided take appropriate steps to purchase land to provide .a civil alrl field-for Ashford, Nightly at 7.30. Matinees ...

Published: Friday 29 June 1945
Newspaper: Kent & Sussex Courier
County: Kent, England
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... end financing by tile non - invaded comuties. »aeh ol which paid one cent its national incoiite tcwards its uo;:cep. Tlit* United Kingaoms coninbuiicn was 80 million pounds, and was Uu> first paid in lull. Chief of Its administration, said Roiarian Gardner ...

Published: Friday 29 June 1945
Newspaper: Grantham Journal
County: Lincolnshire, England
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