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Whitit&ble Boys’ County Primary School

... expression of the teachings Jesus, and that the Church should interest itself in the problem* of poverty, injustice. war and all civil administration. Frequently these and other social problems are left to the few because the Church fears to create conflict ...


... workers ‘ecei'» aggregate increase £131.000 in weekly full-tnr' in July as result of rates. Increases were mainly* building, civil englnwrin* ’;;' tioß an* iron and steel SINQEB SXWINO BAR GAINS Repairs of all makes a Speciality —A C Bauon. Sewing Machine ...

Published: Friday 07 September 1945
Newspaper: Kent & Sussex Courier
County: Kent, England
Type: Article | Words: 1835 | Page: 6, 7 | Tags: none


... used by the civil population, perhaps on wider district. They saw the building grow under the Canadian Engineers and It was pleasure to see the men work. They all gave of their best. Then Mr. Maclndoe arrived and from that moment the unit co-operated ...