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... IN AMERICA Committee for economic Development, a American organisation ol that the total employment the United after reconversion. will 34 per cent higher than 1940. but 13) per cent, lower than at the peak wartime production. AMERICA. Miss America, ...

Published: Monday 10 September 1945
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
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... during the war. TWO IMPORTANT WAR JOBS There are two other very important war jobs which I would like to mention. Prior to the United States of America entering the war, large numbers of \merican naval aircraft had been bought by this country, and continued ...

Published: Tuesday 11 September 1945
Newspaper: Hull Daily Mail
County: Yorkshire, England
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... Manager. 2. Walk. Mooftown, Leeds. rjnRAVEI.LEL'R regularly calling on retail trade-; can make P. 5 per week easily selling unit enabling trader make his •mi selling message, also Xnua hues. entirely buying agency basis, areas arranged; only substantial ...


... high-class goods; very good position with excellent prospects.—Write in confidence to T26, Yorkshire Past. Leeds. for the United States of America. —American concern with excellent following In the manufacturing, wholesale and retail marlcts wishes to ...


... attendance was largely representative of Scot land, the recipients being generally from over the Border or connected with Scottish units. Tha King and Queen, who had spent the night in the Koyal Train near Edinburgh, were formally welcomed to the city at Princes ...


... Offu-e Registration Card N 15) Medical Gride known; t6) II discharged J torn the Forces, particulars Service number, tank, unit, and reasons tor discharge; Industrial training and experience; 18) Nunc and addicss present employers; Details work should ...


... St. Tore rvg fully awn Sales for three eerusna; poen for tunable Ipplimnu; staff earn em set f ...

Published: Friday 14 September 1945
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
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LENIENCY PLEA FOR R.A.F. OFFICER Counsel's Protest Close of Court-Martial When the findings were announced ..

... The continuance of the present rate of release of officers as already announced wculd render, within a very short time, many units quite incapable of carrying out their tasks as occupational force. The following categories are affected most:— Royal Engineers ...