... allow man who claims his rigms under the Reinstatement in Civil Eirplo' ment Act, 1944. to enjoy his entitlement cf leave Icr overseas service in addition to the minimum eight weeks’ resettlement leave before returning to his former employment. Mr G. A ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1945
Newspaper: Staffordshire Advertiser
County: Staffordshire, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 1133 | Page: 4 | Tags: none


... LIFE ANEW PEOVLR HALL RE-SETTLEMENT UNIT (By a Chronicle Reporter.) Former headquarters of General Patton. U.S Army, Peover Had. near Knulsford, the ancestral home of the nwaring family, has been opened as Cigil Resettlement Unit for ex-prisoners of war ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1945
Newspaper: Chester Chronicle
County: Cheshire, England
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... Hatch Beauchamp. The bridegroom is Lleut.-Colonel Howard G. Hill, late of the U.S. Corps of Engineers, who has now returned to civil life in America as sales director for a firm of locomotive engineers. SERVED BY THE BRIDE. The romance began in December, 1943 ...


... CHINA UNITED From the point of view of the Chungking Government, the most important clause in the recently concluded and now published Russo- Chinese Treaty is the one in which the two Powers guarantee to act on the principle of mutual respect of each ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1945
Newspaper: Londonderry Sentinel
County: Londonderry, Northern Ireland
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THE BRETTON WOODS PROPOSALS Chamber of Commerce Seek More Information Alarmed by statements made by Mr. Antony ..

... troops during their stay in Hounslow. Following a visit to the secretary of the Chamber by the Officer Commanding the Civil Re-settlement Unit at Kneller Hall, where ex-prisoners of war are prepared for re-entry into civilian life* it was agreed to form a ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1945
Newspaper: Middlesex Chronicle
County: London, England
Type: Article | Words: 1034 | Page: 1 | Tags: none


... who originally entered Travers for the race. Major Oldfleld was In a Commando unit when was taken prisoner Tunisia In 1943, tout escaped from Italy Into Switzerland. In civil life he Is director of London firm of auctioneers and estate agents. SPAIN TOLD ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1945
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
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... RING FROM FRIENDS’ HOUSE At Spelthorne Petty Sessions on Tuesday, Pte. Hilda Ruby Duggan (17). of the A.T.S., No. 8 Civil Resettlement Unit, Kneller Hall, Whitton, was charged with stealing from 54, Rochester Avenue, Feltham, a lady’s gold ring, set blue ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1945
Newspaper: Middlesex Chronicle
County: London, England
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... release furlough, foreign service leave provision of civilian clothing, resettlement grants and training schemes, designed to meet the needs of members of the Forces release civil life. I not propose make c hang in these arrangements. With regard to the ...


... whose parents live at 5, Palatine-square, Burnley, one of those who help to maintain signals communications for the Wing. The unit record a proud one. The men worked in qonj unction with their companions, who directed our fighters by means of radar on to ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1945
Newspaper: Burnley Express
County: Lancashire, England
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... attraction. Members of Unit gf Mm Women’i Junior Air Carps, who have Just spent an enjoyable week at an N A.T.C.6. camp at Vantnar, la.W.. are seen here with their Croup Commandant, Mias M. E. Dyfcas (front raw, centre) and Unit Commander Miss o. Goodwin ...


... Benevolent und, and to yuaph.s. Pipe Band . • .m 5- Tip.l lee' 33 lards--P. Ursa. fiord an Daly , 2: Miss Q. 0 - Grady. 3, a unite to the Public perari Abu. 7.43-Eileen Latimer d+,.-Miss A. Moran , 1; to tee at CC:quarters the lechni- ( 0 4pran o 8,0-g ...

Published: Saturday 01 September 1945
Newspaper: Wicklow People
County: Wicklow, Republic of Ireland
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