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THE SHELL THAT BEAT THE FLYING BOMBS: The Wonderful VT Fuse Operated by Radio Shown in Section

... conception was British but development proceeded both here and in the United States the fuses used in the war were all of American manufacture AN IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTION TO BRITAIN'S CIVIL AIRCRAFT AN IMPRESSION OF THE GREAT VICKERS VIKING FLYING ON ONLY ONE ...


... recent weeks, and are possibly to hear even more in the future, concerning new peacetime air-liners under construction in the United States. But Britain, too, has aircraft specially designed for the post-war air routes of the world. Here are two of them, ...

From FOREIGN LANDS: Pictures from the Pacific, Belgium and France

... in the front row are Colonel Obana (Senior Staff) Major-General Nishimura (Civil Adm.) Major-General Yamamoto Rear-Admiral Meada. Standing behind are Lieut.-Colonel Nomovo (Civil Adm.) Lieut. -Colonel Miyamoto (Staff) Captain Nagasuki and Major Yamagucki ...

Published: Saturday 20 October 1945
Newspaper: The Sphere
County: London, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 806 | Page: 24, 25 | Tags: Graphic  Photographs