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Civil Servants' claim

... Civil Servants' claim A claim for per cent, increase in the pay of 34.000 professional technical and scientific Civil Servants is to remain In abeyance for tlte time being, said Mr. Stanley Mayne, secretary of the Institution of Professional Civil Scrvauts ...


... CIVIL SURGEONS Thre are three Service hospitals l.i Malaya District, which covers the mainland of Malaya, but there only Army surgeon, and it has been necessary to utilise the services civil surgeons. In Singapore land there are three service hospitals ...


... provide field force property balanced and equipped complete with all modem technical units for service wherever it maw oe required. 7 —To help in the civil defence of the United Kingdom against attack mas* destruction weapon* this the TA.. organ teed into Hard ...

Published: Tuesday 20 December 1949
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 669 | Page: 5 | Tags: none

WAR OFFICE ANSWERED I stand by every word

... yards, sometimes more on either side at the road. Regarding civil surgeons, here Penang there one civil surgeon, but I learn that the Army is not allowed to send a surgical case to him in the civil hospital unless it is so serious that an immediate operation ...


... OF CIVIL AVIATION. Application* are Invited for appointment of a DIVISIONAL MECHANICAL TRANSPORT OFFICER Divisional Headquarters (Prestwick. Ayrshire) at a salary of £470-41595 inclusive. Candidates must be prepared to serve anywhere in the United Kingdom ...


... of the fact that you cannot get good surgeons to join the Army voluntarily unless you pay them at least what they earn in civil life may,have a serious effect on some of our soldiers in Malaya. In the whole Malaya District—for all troops, that is, engaged ...

She Morksjiirc {tot

... miseries and restraints which the country must rid itself wants better times. Trade unions and ballots THE recent decision of the Civil Service Clerical Asso- elation not to have a political fund Is an encouraging reminder that the Labour party does not always ...


... really apparent the 1951. The statement said that Britain and ÜB. were now discussing the problem of the dollar drain the United Kingdom and the rest of the sterling area arising from oil transactions dollar drain oil account was larger than for any other ...

-1949 HAS

... his acting The Fallen Idol. A Royal romance NEWS that King Parouk Egypt may soon marry a 16- year-old daughter an Egyptian civil act taut, MISS n&rriuiau ouaea, not unexpected. Rumours ol the romance have been rile and an olflcial statement expected on ...

Published: Wednesday 28 December 1949
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Illustrated | Words: 3392 | Page: 6, 7 | Tags: none

Rubber share outlook

... despite their upward trend rubber shares are still standing prices well below the peak points reached after the war. With the United States still engaged stockpiling operations and the compulsory usage of synthetic U.S. manufacturers less strictly applied ...

JAMBS A HUD SON. LIMITED. 81. Mlchaei'i Lane. Leads 4. to all Football Matches Private Parties ar eased for ..

... 26117/24921 Visrr the United States *■ Canada next Now the time book your steamer mar be 100 mm » few weekx' tlme 14. Commercial Road. Hull: aad Booth feny Road Pool a. ROT MULL, LTD.. for Luxury Motor Coaches flervic civility aad Sate Transport: Cantract ...

Published: Tuesday 06 December 1949
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 147 | Page: 10 | Tags: none

Cropping contest

... and others; Hobson (sentence on.y); Morse and others: Lee; Andrew: Foster. T.; Wark. CIVIL COURT:—Before Mr. Justice Pearce: Jackson and another v. (consolidated). United Leeds Hospital Board—General Infirmary. Leeds. Exhibition Students* Art Work—The University ...