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Bulldozer forces path snowbound hamlet From Our Special Correspondent HAWES, Thursday Night THE two farming ..

... through Gft. drifts of snow, through fog and through the stour, which whipped off the snowfields blinding mist. They include Thomas Hardy, of Northallerton, the driver of the bulldozer; William Moore, of Hawes; Hunter Hemsley, of Aysgnrth; and Arthur Hodgson ...

Dived into icy sea to save skipper Medals for trawlermen The Bronze Medal for gallantry in saving life at sea

... decorations and curtains caught fire last night at the home of Mr. Thomas Hardy, of Poplar Road, Broadway, Dunscroft, near Doncaster. There was no one in the house the time but Mr. Hardy’s young daughter saw the flames from the street and summoned her mother ...

NORTH HOME 1.10— week Ahead. 6.45 The Archers. 6.50—Mozart. 1.25 Northern Announce- i 434ni. 2(ilm. menu. _ , 1 ..

... 45 —Rome and Oxford. ~ BBC Symphony Orchest ra. 0.0—The Military Band in the Concert Hall. Llnlc —Faure and 10.45 — - Thomas Hardy (repeat l. 11.5 —Recital. TELEVISION 7.10 —Boxing 3.30—The Tan Virtues. 7.20 —BBC Hevue Orchestra. 5.0—Children's Hour ...

Magicians ring the bell

... 20891-8 Third (647 194 m. (1.546 kc/s) 6. 6—violin and Viola 6.l6—Kliatbethan Verse 7. 6 —Der 6.l3—Thoma* Hardy Veres 6.33 —Der Rosacea feller 35—Thomas Hardy Readies 9-58—Der feller 71- —?»e«lns Parliament 11.26—Close Television 3.18—001 l 3.4B—Nsvwatls ...

Published: Friday 02 October 1953
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 487 | Page: 8 | Tags: none

! m.ted wO surrender the existing restricted

... Street in the said City, the Armley Brewery Limited, 73, Commercial Street. Halifax. And to all whom It may concern. X THOMAS HARDY, 48 Frtmley Drire in X* the City of Bradford a person interested General Manager The Brewery Limited 73 Commercial Street ...


... about the textile areas of Yorkshire, the mills, the mlllownere and the mlllworkers. have done for the West Riding what Thomas Hardy did for and Mary Webb for Shropshire. An article aboat her will appear In The Yorkshire Post's series Personal Studies ...

Published: Tuesday 19 January 1954
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 584 | Page: 3 | Tags: none

™s 0 Durham University’s Chancellor

... house of Methuen published his novel, The Beating Wing,” sombre picture of life in the industrial West Riding, rather as Thomas Hardy would have seen it. Postmen in shirt sleeves Barnsley folk are sticklers for correct Sartorial standards. Evidence of this ...

clear according to

... particular view the universe? This Hardy philosophy Professor Guerard seems to me not fully to grasp, a Thomas Hardy weakness which throws his accoxmt of Hardy’s other characteristics into confusion. View of nature Hardy surely regarded ...

Memorable songs

... Memorable songs The feature the morning, however. was the first performance Benjamin Britten's setting eight poems by Thomas Hardy, moving and often gripping Impressions country life. Three became immediately memorable— Midnight on the Great Western ...

Published: Thursday 08 October 1953
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 115 | Page: 11 | Tags: none


... their C works, and for its value to those who have neglected or forgotten the £ authors concerned. CHAUCER by D. S. BREWER THOMAS HARDY | by DOUGLAS BROWN § ROBERT BROWNING by J. M. COHEN SIR WALTER | RALEGH | PHILIP EDWARDS CHRISTOPHER • MARLOWE by PHILIP ...


... walls: Which are the two greatest poets of this century? All that scholarly team agreed on W. B. Yeats for the first place: Thomas Hardy and Walter de la Mare tied for second place. More modern poets were hardly in the running. A final reflection on the event ...