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... tion to this anthology clearly defines its aim and scope — to represent the English verse the last half century—from Thomas Hardy down to the present day. This is a bold attempt but it is one which, all things considered, is successful. For all anthologies ...

An Ishmael

... by some of Snaith's early work, and thought that he might develop Into novelist of the stature of Arnold Bennett, not of Thomas Hardy. When I was half-way through The Sailor, published In 1916, thought had written a classic, but It tailed off into conventional ...

Portrait of the artist

... to conventional opinion and. most of all. from his gift for satirical characterisation and the military art by G. 8.5.), Thomas Hardy, *who Inspired Mr. John's deep affection, Montagu Norman (making a discreet beeline for his car after a sitting), Lord ...


... house (5). 19 Builder of the Tay 4 German river (4). bridges (5). 5 The author of ••Romola” (5). 20 Ship’s deviation 6 By Thomas Hardy (7). (5). . 9 A genus of plants (5). 21 Full extent from 11 In the Crimea (5). 23 Enters the North 12 Nottingham is on ...

at work

... lucky enough to read It In full can be judged bv the deliciously witty accounts of Mrs. Woolf's meetings with, for example, Thomas Hardy, Arnold Bennett and George Moore, which seem almost more illuminating than anything else yet written on those authors. ...

Hurt in cruh, the will take stage

... world Is bad cannot, therefore, be brushed under the mat Must we really remind a psychiatrist of that famous saying of Thomas Hardy? If way to the Better there be. It exacts a full look at the worst. ...

Published: Monday 31 March 1952
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 399 | Page: 5, 6 | Tags: none

HOME 12.10—Morning 6 45 —“The Archers.’* 7.35 —Recital (piano). . 0 .„ „ 12.25 —Midday Music-Hall. K 1 7.0 —News

... Light 3.3o—Orchestral Hour. tive). 12.0—Clydebank Burgh Band. 10.15 Election Broadcast fenow (Part U- Orchestra. 4.15 —Thomas Hardy. 9.35 Royal Windsor Horse 12.30—Plano Playtime. (Miss Edith Pitt, Conserve- 5.0-5.55 Children’s Tele-7.5o—Lilt —Lilt Up ...


... LEWIS, dearly loved husband Doris HARDAKER. —Funeral arrangement* later. HARDY.—Jan. 9. the home of her niece. 89. Oar den Dewsbuij. aged 83. MARY, beloved wile the Thomas HARDY (ate of Leeds).—Service Ravensthorpe Congregational Church. Jan. 13. 2.157 ...

Published: Saturday 10 January 1953
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 1035 | Page: 2 | Tags: none


... and youth openly mocking. There peril, true, in such things as ear-boxing. The danger seen in point made somewhere by Thomas Hardy. A blow depends not entirely on the nature of the blow but on the nature of the recipient. We cannot know the nature of ...

Published: Thursday 12 November 1953
Newspaper: Yorkshire Evening Post
County: Yorkshire, England
Type: Article | Words: 584 | Page: 6 | Tags: none

43a. Bond Street. Baling. London. W5

... Constantinople (Martin, History of Wath-upon-Dearna ) and wimples of such fonts are reported exist not only (made Thomas Hardy Strata). Wragby and BlrstalL but probably a number other places also. In the last-named ease, says Craddock ( History ...

isnTbfr S&trtung*

... ISLES and FOREIGN 22/9 (Postage included). LEEDS, SAT., DEC. 31, 1955 1953 ECEMBER 31. It is the moment when we can imagine Thomas Hardy identifying himself with some Spirit Ironic, some detached observer in outer space, and watching with a sorrowful eye this ...

Mother of four was strangled Fall causes aged minister’s death —lnquest evidence From our Hull staff The Rev. ..

... padded sofa (12). 8 The traditional Chinese code of ethics and etiquette (12). 9 Electrical circuit component (8). 10 A Thomas Hardy heroine (4). 11 Period of play in polo (6). 14 Name of a renowned British sailor (6). 16 Bone of the forearm (4). 18 Hollow ...