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1950 - 1999
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Wiltshire Times and Trowbridge Advertiser




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Wiltshire Times and Trowbridge Advertiser

jackson & McCartney

... Venetia Jones; he, Mrs. Morris (Frome). Knitted jumper or cardigan: Equal 1, Mrs. E. Harapson and Mrs. M. J. Williams, Mrs. E. J. Open, Mrs. Humphries; he, Mrs. A. Silk. Plain knitted jumper or cardigan: Equal I, Miss M. Butler (Batcombe) and Mrs. R. Bull ...


... Oak); L. Johns 137 (Ship); H. Hallett 140 (Harp); P. Griffin 137 (Longs Arms); A. Otlerwcll 140. A. Fielding 121 (Black Swan); Hams 123 (Crown). Division ll.—New Inn (Bradley) 6. Risinr? Sun (Bradley) 2; White Hart B (Holt) 4. Kitcheners Arms 4; Greyhound ...

11l THE WILTSHIRE TIMES, SATURDAY. AUGUST 20. 1955 “i ~ X -n irgililtchtrc Etmes|THFOIPESi PUB?| CANALS SYSTEM ..

... rrault jn^nded close am out to prove had reached the ay defendant failed to appear when V* ;|i| j V Gaberdine 7 \\ GIRLS' CARDIGANS . ! from ,7/6 f a It is because the net effca « die im or tam, the KraUtfG no* of the hod. and tto, walked into tte Court ...

At Sunday School Anniversary

... (Masons Arms). M. Eyers 14 (Rookies) B. Goodridge (Roamcrs). League*table; Rookies legs, 1581 pts.; Nitwits 147 J; Hits & Misses 175, 138. Moonrakcrs 190* 137)1 Rcsml, Liberal A 185, 111): Bo«-wo«, 190. 123). Socialists 185. 78); Masons Arms 180. 69. ...


... Two-year-old Jonathan Curtis, of 14 Ncwleaze, Hilperton, was taken to Mclksham Hospital on Sunday evening with fractured right arm and right leg, after he had been struck by car near the entrance to the New Inn, Semington Road. The car was being driven by ...