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... 70. Mr. ROnagNS& bad ia mind Governmeig, INJURED MAN IMPROVING D. •.I. • awe issinineCanire: win d ow d t tl i t appal Mr. John McQuillan of Kady, with meet stituestful and wed that citter' ma X not * a s. one cor k = who woo badly beaten us a r row 1 ...

Sequel To Oran School Theft

... RC Rev; Mons. ft Canon Finnegan, P.P., Doan of Meter; Rt. EM. Mons. Z. C. Cinbn Ward, P.P.; Clones; Very Rev. Conon, Mt- Grattan, PP., Ballymena; Very Rev. M. Canon Connelly, P.P.. Tydavnet; ,Very' Rev. P. Canon McOonnon, P.P., BallymackraY: Very Rev ...

THE ARGUS. Saturday, Ilk October, MS. Page Nine. I Second Division Final Is Main Attraction . B'll Forß ay COUNTY

... next •:.1 In fact all garles Hurling League, was granted per- back in official competition, and the tourney ties showed the Grattans h e - I a prim) Men fu lhall fa at who I';', ChalrMan• Mr- F. O. Patter's/se 7reate.: being virtually National League mission ...


... never let rip. whee .oddly a 'lough. are not to be ear again carry the day. Grattan . how. Bri v St. Annex. 10th May (ref.. gear and it was only question of M. McCaughey . John Niorie and marked for blame of this defer' ever have along line of conquests ...


... promotiont=olPr Top score, Bridle Mulholland; first the Memorial Trophy goes at Grattan to the visit and are hoping to come out ranks in 1984. ld Aileen Kirk; first gent, John Park, on Sunday next, 4th September, tops in some of the games. The pitch final ...

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... subsequently withdrawn: Wednesday Thursday night s Scot 73 G.AA. tion with young Dillon, Frgakie ers Talent Coatis the UN* Arms John Mohann December 12, 196 9 , he was whose animals bed,_escraped_ be , no m e walking on the public rue. neer his matter ...


... evening. Mr. Brendan Courtney. chairman of Inniskeen Grattans, pre. i misted: the members of the team With the county medals which were• presented to the winners by the Imsisikeen club. The Grattan. oho Mumeed the tams trip to MosneY and they are to be ...

Published: Friday 28 September 1973
Newspaper: Drogheda Argus and Leinster Journal
County: Louth, Republic of Ireland
Type: Illustrated | Words: 2661 | Page: 11 | Tags: none

P. J. Carroll msd Co. Ltd. the £5OO in the G.A.A. Clop Development Draw. which is held monthly at national

... in- to speak to the Trades Council on eluding factories . in Co. Monaghan the possibility of oil wealth in the Inniskeen Grattan G.F.C. Amami shortly. country. Re-Union in Rallymaseanlon After discussion it was agreed to After discussion is was agreed ...

QM., Hunterttown-;11. 3 p.m.. S. Kilkerley Annaghmionain, I>ntheri-- Mir' :ullough. . Castle- Louth v. Mid ..

... Foods Ireland Ltd. Social Club annual badminton tournament. Also in pictine Off toeth's end Denny Nugget ---were replaced by John Bo y lan and Sean Mc/Lrdle. (S), and Armagh's D. Mackin (1 1) snd L MeCsli• (19). The' home side played with the over and at ...

FIVE YOUNG BOYS, aged between 10 and 14, pleaded guilty at Dundalk Juvenile Court on Tuesday to a series of

... Hanratty and Mrs. B. Smyth; 2nd. Mrs. B. Connolly; 3rd, Mrs. T. McCudden. ' The adjudicators were, Mr. Tim Lawlor and Mr. john O'Hanrahan. An enjoyable party followed and a variety of vocal items were Ten: derail. Music was provided by Messrs Gerry Finlay ...

Magheracloone G.A. A. Magheracloone Mitchells G.F.C. passed a vote of sympathy with Michael McConnon on the ..

... many should also be in the county panel, and defensive pillar Johnny Lennon. Balancing the lom of these key players, the Grattans recalled former stars Paddy Mulholland and Neil Mullen, and started as if they would steamroll the oposition, steaming ahead ...


... Emyvale's back. Others who shone for the winners were Hugh Hughes, Pat Rafferty. John Mc.d Atziteney , Owenie and John Treanor Sean Quigley, Raphael McKenna, Cathal Murray and John 01Deese. Their scores came from H. Mc,Aree (0-7). J. Quigley (1-1), H. Hughes ...