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Thomas Hardy

... Thomas Hardy THOMAS HARDY: A CRITICAL BIOGRAPHY. By Evelyn Hardy. (The Hogarth Press, 255.) Reviewed by PHYLLIS BENTLEY THIS critical biography of Thomas Hardy by Miss Evelyn ...

Thomas Hardy

... Thomas Hardy THOMAS HARDY. Br Desmond Hawkins. (Arthur Barker. 65.) Mr. Hawkins's study of Hardy will not sufrer the inevitable comparisons with Miss Phyllis Bentley's study the Brontes, Dame Una Pope-Hennessy's study of Scott, and Lcttice ...

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... NORTH HOME 12.0 —Quintet. 7.0 —Radio 9.35 —Thomas Hardy. 12.25—lop Flight. ► , * 7.25 app. -Sport. 9.55 Rosenkavaller 434m. 261m. 6.30 a.m. Bright and Early. 12 —Weather. 1.0—News. 1.10 —Oo'.f: The Ryder Cup. » RADIO AND TF.I ,F,VISION 7.30— Family Favourites ...


... Restoration and 1750, and examine* each in turn. OUR EXPLOITS AT WEST POLEY by THOMAS HARDY ordinary edition 91. bd. net It seems curious that an unknown story by Thomas Hardy should, even now, turn up. but such is the case. The present volume contains ...

Somerset Maugham eats his words

... letterswas a portrait of Thomas Hardy. That baa gone down literary history so firmly that nowadays most people believe It to fact. But Mr. Maugham strongly denied It then, and be still does so. I did not even have Thomas Hardy In mind when wrote It,” he ...

Payment deferred

... realised.” Northerner II iUST 18, 1950 tout is it not also true that the mention of Hardy calls to mind first and foremost an vague or Hardy anticipated Freud THOMAS HARDY: The Novels and Stories. By Albert J. Guerard. (Oxford University Press for the Harvard ...


... 800 Notebooks of Hardy THOMAS HARDY’S NOTEBOOKS. Edited by Evelyn Hardy. (Hogarth Press, 10s. 6d.) Reviewed by PHYLLIS BENTLEY VVE were recently indebted to Miss Evelyn Hardy for a biography of Thomas ...

English talk

... Everyman in His Humour. Shakespeare. Samuel Richardson's Pamela. Trollope's Barchester Towers. George Eliot and Thomas Hardy all provide material to set beside the records of authentic conversation offered Boswell's Life of Johnson, the memoirs ...


... craftsman, artist and linguistic scholar. Besides dealing with his life, this book goes folly into his relationship with Thomas Hardy and the influence Barnes had on his writing. The author has given us a most interesting study of this gifted and very English ...

Plea to customers

... having heard of any other British novelists. Shades of Fielding and Scott, of Jane Austen and Blot, Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy!— Yours, etc., WILFRED CHILD!. 40, Duchy Road, Harrogate ...