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... Carroll, G. Wilson, G. Galbraith, M. Stokes, stk; Dundalk, G. Millar, J.D. Backhouse, William Patterson, Watson, stk. Mr. Thomas H. Simsocks got the boat off at an even start opposite Stameen. Owing to the Dundalk men pulling very rapid stroke they were ...

Published: Friday 19 November 1999
Newspaper: Drogheda Independent
County: Louth, Republic of Ireland
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... of the commotion and excitement seemed all of a sudden to dawn on this vigilant town guard, some of whom were stationed in Thomas Street, when on glancing up the river towards the old distillery, an effigy intended to represent Lord Kitchener of Omdurman ...

Published: Friday 25 March 1988
Newspaper: Sligo Champion
County: Sligo, Republic of Ireland
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... 61, G Starkey $3, P FAidery 49, E Hide 32, G6a ter 29, Raymond 29. G Duffield 24. Taylor 21, S Caulhen 21, P Cook MI, M L Thomas IL E Johnson IS, T Ives 17, J Reid IS. TOP TRAINERS: H Cecil IS, M Situate SO, B Hobbs 44..1 Hindley 35, Hills 35, L Cumani ...

Published: Friday 06 August 1982
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo
County: Lancashire, England
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Alliances & Attainders

... Parliament and their thoughts turned from the Old W orld to the N ew, when he was appointed Governor-General of Canada, in 1881. It became the custom, though not the rule, for the Queen's descendants to marry within the kingdom. And her decision, made ...

Published: Wednesday 01 May 1963
Newspaper: The Tatler
County: London, England
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... a long time has been incorporated in The Sphere. The painting is dated 1879. In that year Miss Edie Ramage, a niece of Mr. Thomas, the editor of the Graphic, went to that periodical's fancy-dress ball impersonating Sir Joshua Reynolds' Penelope Boothby ...

NORTHERN DAILY KAIL. TutscUr. M»r 13. 195«-]

... Regimental museum which bears the title Faithful In brass and the Lamblon crest and Initials. Between the Crimean War and the Boer War the 68th saw service in Persia and New Zealand, where It helped to crush the Maori rebellion. The Regiment won Its third ...

Published: Tuesday 13 May 1958
Newspaper: Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail
County: Durham, England
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... fountain pen Shortage of space had compelled the makers, Thomas De La Rue .. Co., Ltd., to move there from Bunhill Row, London, where they had been producing practical fountain pens as far back as 1881. It was an antistylographic-nibbed pen containing a ...

Published: Friday 14 October 1955
Newspaper: Dundee Courier
County: Angus, Scotland
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. 4—THE OBSERVER. FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 1955. 1 WOMEN'S Letters To Town and Country Gossip INSTITUTES Aldingbourna ..

... Arthur Baker was a competent Clerk, and Mrs. Hill are spen din g available for our sole use, the gym mistress , Mrs. Mary Thomas. Mr. R. W. J. Hill. the Town the ded showroom at Station taro evidece f that sp . in Robinson) had discussed essential Yard ...

Published: Friday 24 June 1955
Newspaper: Bognor Regis Observer
County: Sussex, England
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... Simpson, Headmaster, Enniskillen Model School. Mr. Charles Burns, Lame, for political services in County Antrim. Miss Annie Jelley, Tandragee, for public services in County Armagh. Mr. Hugh Alexander Cushnie, J.P. Lurgan, Grand Registrar of the Imperial ...

Published: Thursday 10 June 1954
Newspaper: Londonderry Sentinel
County: Londonderry, Northern Ireland
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... HAS DRAWN PENSION FOR iOSGROVE'S 98-years-old Mr. Thomas Jelley’s claim to the oldest survivor of the Northamptonshire Regiment appears unchallengeable. In the 1881 Battle of Majuba Hill, during the Zulu War, he received wounds his right hand. He was ...

Published: Friday 12 March 1954
Newspaper: Northampton Mercury
County: Northamptonshire, England
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... time in amalgamation hiswpemng view and the end of the colour- of wartime admiaistration with tory—a joint committee ihe In 1881 Mr, Edward Turnbull, ful though insalubrious Croft, common ambition to develop Town Councils was reporting successor to Ralph ...

Published: Wednesday 14 May 1952
Newspaper: Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail
County: Durham, England
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finds wife in bedroom PENNY-FARTHING EXPERT DIES

... began work at 13 with his father, a smith, and both took up cycle repairing as soon as the penny-farthing appeared. In 1881 he announced to the public: Professor Walford has just started a uni-bitricycle infirmary to renovate fragile machines which ...

Published: Friday 02 February 1951
Newspaper: Birmingham Daily Gazette
County: Warwickshire, England
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