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... SALE OF FARMING STOCK, &Ac RAtPH BROWN WILL SELL BY AUCTION, At Nesblt Bill Hea d, in the Parish ?? *Northumberlmanl, on Monday, May 5th, A LL the FAR IiNG STOCK, &o., upon the said Farm, belongingt t ...

('Local and Dis’rlct Sea's continued,)

... Newcastle Butter and Bacon Market, July 1G. Northumberland bacon (hams on) none; do. hams, 10s to lls t»d per stone : butter, 50s per firkin. Cumberland bacon (s ...

Published: Friday 17 July 1857
Newspaper: Durham Chronicle
County: Durham, England
Type: Article | Words: 1005 | Page: Page 8 | Tags: william oley 


... NEWCASTLE, NovE1MBER 23. The Emperor Napoleon never speaks in public with- ont uttering some maxim of state policy, or alPo, Con. pregnant with meaning, or indicative of that fixiiy of purpose which s ...

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... TO ENGINEERS AND BOILER MAKERS r:mf Birmingham Patent Iron Tube Company A1. manufacture Patent Lap-welded Tubes (under Mr Richard Prosser's Patent) for Marine, Locomotive and all Tubular Boilers. Also ...